Aapilots login at www.aapilots.com – American Airlines Pilot Login

The AA Pilots portal is an online platform where American Airlines pilots can view and manage their work profiles. In addition, the login portal is designed to simplify the administrative process of its active employees.

Employees can access features such as payroll statements, leave applications, benefits, and much more through the portal. So before we look into those, let’s know more about American Airlines.

American Airlines is known to be the world’s largest airline based on fleet size, revenue, and scheduled passengers carried. The airline operates out of 10 hubs to over 350 destinations in more than 50 countries. In addition, American Airlines has many pilots employed under the company to manage its fleet of over 800 aircraft.

Aapilots login at www.aapilots.com - American Airlines Pilot Login

This article provides pilots flying for American Airlines with the knowledge required to access their work-related accounts. So let’s take a look at the AA Pilot login portal.

American Airlines Pilot Login Portal

American Airlines developed and maintained the AA Pilot Login portal, allowing its pilots to access their work-related administrative information online. Pilots will be given login credentials created by their HR or executive officer upon employment.

When an American Airline pilot is given login credentials to their online account, they can use this information to access and manage the account. The portal aims to reduce the administrative load and simplify the process by providing features that allow pilots to:

        • Airline announcements
        • Manage your work profile
        • Check Airline details
        • Obtain schedule/roster
        • Apply for shift change
        • Leave application and status check
        • HR Support
        • Employee Schemes and Benefits
        • Payroll statements

These are some of the benefits that American Airlines pilots can avail themselves of with the help of their online accounts.

You can register and create a new user using your employee ID if you do not have an AA Pilot account. To help you on your way, this article will provide you with all the instructions to register for a new account, log in to your account, and more.


  • It would help if you had a laptop, desktop, or smartphone to access your American Airlines Pilot account online.
  • A stable internet connection is required to navigate through the AA Pilot portal.
  • Ensure that you use a recommended browser, as the portal supports not all browsers.
  • You need to have your AA ID and password to log in.
  • For first-time users, you can register with the help of your Employee/Contractor number provided by the airline. You would also need to have your email address and phone number.

How to Register for a new AA Pilot account?

Active pilots who fly under American Airlines will be provided login credentials to access their accounts. If you have that information, skip to the next step, as this is only for those who haven’t created their online account.

If you are a first-time user, you most likely would have to register for a new account. Before proceeding any further, ensure that you have your Employee/Contractor number. Their HR or administrative officers usually provide this to American Airlines Pilots. Once you have the required information, follow these simple steps:

Aapilots login at www.aapilots.com - American Airlines Pilot Login

  1. To register for a new account online, visit the American Airlines Pilot Login page athttps://www.aapilots.com.
  2. Click the ‘First time user?’ on the AA Pilot Login page.
  3. The ‘Register Now’ option will appear below.
  4. Click on ‘Register Now.’
  5. Enter your User ID and Employee/Contractor Number on the next page.
  6. Click on ‘Submit’ to proceed.
  7. You will be brought to a page where all your information in the database will be automatically updated and linked to your account.
  8. Follow the prompts accordingly, where you must provide a password for your account. You will also need to provide an email address and phone number if it differs from those registered on the portal.

Upon successful registration, you will receive your login credentials which you can now use to access your online account.

How to log in to your AA Pilot account?

Pilots actively employed under American Airlines are provided authorization to access their administrative accounts online. Employees who want to access their accounts can do so by following these simple steps:

Aapilots login at www.aapilots.com - American Airlines Pilot Login

  1. To log in to your AA Pilot account, visit the American Airlines Login portal.
  2. On the login page, enter your AA ID.
  3. Enter your account password.
  4. Click on ‘Login’ to access your account.

What to do if you have forgotten your AA Pilot account password?

Since your work account might contain sensitive personal and financial information, it is essential to safe-keep the login credentials. It is only accessible to you at all times. The login credentials are mandatory for one to log in to their online account.

However, if you have forgotten your account password, you can always reset it through the AA Pilot Login portal. If you suspect any unauthorized activity with your account, report the issue to your HR and change your account’s password immediately. Here’s how:

Aapilots login at www.aapilots.com - American Airlines Pilot Login

  1. Visit the American Airlines login portal to reset your AA Pilot account password.
  2. Click on the ‘Forgot Password?’ option.
  3. On the next page, enter your 8-digit AA User ID. If your AA User ID is less than eight digits, add zeros at the front to make it into an 8-digit ID.
  4. Click on ‘Next’ to continue resetting your password.
  5. You will be sent be required to verify your account. Follow the prompts accordingly to reset your password.

Common Login Issues and Troubleshooting

  • One of the most common mistakes is providing incorrect login information. Ensure that you provide the correct login credentials. Passwords are case-sensitive, so ensure that your CAPS lock is enabled/disabled.
  • You might also be using a browser not supported by the portal. So ensure you use one of the recommended browsers, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer 11.
  • If you experience a problem with the login portal, try clearing the cache and cookies. This removes all the overcrowded data in your browser and allows you to proceed further.
  • If all the above methods fail, open the AA Pilot Login portal using your browser’s private/incognito version.

This article has provided all the information required for American Airlines pilots to register a new account, log in to their accounts, change passwords, and troubleshoot login problems. However, if you face any issues and require further assistance, contact your HR or administrative officer for any help.


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