A2movies 2021 Website – Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu Latest Movies Download – Is It Legal?

 Same like Hollywood in the United States, India also has a famous film industry. Indian people love to watch movies and in this nation thousands of movies released every year in various languages for the entertainment of the people.

But nowadays due to busy schedules, people are not able to visit cinema halls and watch movies. Also, some people don’t want to spend money and want to watch movies for free of cost. Thus, these people use pirated websites to download and watch films online without spending money. One such website is A2movies which is very popular amongst the people. 

A2movies 2021 Website - Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu Latest Movies Download - Is It Legal?

About A2movies

A2movies is one of the most visited websites for the purpose of downloading as well as watching all types of films on free criteria. A2movies offers a wide series of movies for every mood that hits you such as Malayalam movies, Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and various others. These website owners earn a good amount of money due to the popup ads that are displayed on the website. This is an illegal website that is banned by the Indian Government but then also these websites managed to run and earn. A2movies provides the users with a pirated version of the latest movies released.

Moreover, A2movies managed to attract a lot of traffic on their site as compared to other similar websites due to its special features.  Some of the main features of A2movies are:

  • Downloading the movies on this website does not take up a lot of CPU power and in a smartphone, it doesn’t affect the battery.
  • The interface of the website is user friendly and is also very attractive to the systematic classification of all types of movies. 
  • The speed of downloading is fast and the website doesn’t crash while watching the movies.
  • For offline viewing, one can easily download the movies of his or her choice. 
  • There is an extensive choice for the selection of video formats to watch all the movies.

A2movies New Link or extensions:

Pirated websites like A2movies gets the latest movies without the essential licenses and provides them to the viewers. The truth is that you would be able to access the site at all times is not guaranteed. Hence, there are various links or extensions of A2movies available for the users. These are given below:

  • a2movies fun
  • a2movies in
  • a2movies icu
  • a2movies pro

Genres or categories leaked by A2movies:

A2movies is one of those websites in which you can enjoy various movies in different categories without paying any charges. There are various genres in which the latest movies are leaked by A2movies. These are as follows:

  • Tamil Dubbed Movies Download
  • Tamil Movies Download
  • Bollywood Movies Download
  • Malayalam  Movies Collection
  • Punjabi Latest New Movies Download
  • Horror
  • Adventure
  • Comedy and many more.

Resolution Formats Available on A2movies:

There are various resolutions in which people prefer to watch or download movies. Some of the Resolution Formats available on A2movies are:

  • 480P
  • 720P
  • 1080P
  • Bluray

Amongst them, 480P video resolution is not good to watch movies online as it will give bad video quality. So, it is recommended that to watch movies online you should use the 720P resolution. Also, 720P resolution will consume less data as compared to 1080p and Bluray.

Alternatives of A2movies:

As we mentioned above in the article, that A2movies is a pirated website and is banned by the government of India. So, if sometimes you found this that website not working then there are some other similar websites that users can visit and stream as well as download movies in high quality. The list of alternatives to A2movies is given below:

Is Downloading Movies From A2movies Legal?

No, A2movies is an illegal website that provides pirated content to its viewers. Therefore, it is considered an illegal site in the streaming as well as downloading business. Under Indian law, piracy is a punishable offense and depending on the seriousness of the offense one can be jailed or with a fine.

Apart from this, it is not safe to download movies from the pirated websites because your system may hang or crash. There are lots of malware and viruses we can find on this website that can also steal your data to share on the public platforms.


All the content given in the post is only for educational purposes. We don’t promote or support pirated websites anyway. As per Indian law, Piracy is an act of crime and this article is about torrenting safety. We aim to inform and aware our readers of piracy and request them to stay safe away from such websites and acts.

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