A Gaping Hole About To Be Left Behind In The Good Doctor As Dr. Mateo Sets To Leave Show

Consider this one of the more surprising stories that we’ve had to report lately: Osvaldo Benavides is leaving The Good Doctor. Not only that, but he is doing it a mere matter of months after he was named a series regular.

This news was first reported by TVLine, and it is still something that is rather hard to believe. Osvaldo’s character of Dr. Mateo Rendón Osma first showed up at the end of season 4 when the St. Bonaventure staff was down in Guatemala.

A Gaping Hole About To Be Left Behind In The Good Doctor As Dr. Mateo Sets To Leave Show Following that he found his way back to San Jose, struck up a relationship with Dr. Lim, and it seemed as though he would be putting down roots. However, that is clearly no longer the case.

What we’re left to wonder right now is simply this: Was it always the plan to have this appearance by Benavides be so short, or did it change over the course of the past few months? It definitely feels like there are more stories that could’ve been told here but in the end, we have to prepare ourselves for the arc to end at some point pretty soon.

The Good Doctor has featured a number of departures over the years, with some of them happening in a reasonably short period of time. There were some exits early on in the series’ run and in some ways, we’re still reeling from Antonia Thomas and Nicholas Gonzalez leaving over the past few years. Some of this, we suppose, could be the reality of the medical profession: We have seen multiple instances of people coming and going from this job. This could just be another reflection of some of it in scripted form.

Departures aside, remember that there is another episode of The Good Doctor airing tonight on ABC. We’ll have more news about it soon.

What do you think about Osvaldo Benavides leaving The Good Doctor?

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