Sunny Leone apologises to Delhi man for revealing his phone number in Arjun Patiala

Things can go beyond control your control in no time when your mobile number is publically announced. To add to the trouble the number was announced by a Bollywood actress whose fan following is on the next level.

During a scene in the recently released film Arjun Patiala, Sunny Leone announced a mobile number which accidentally turned out to be the mobile number of a Delhi based man.

Fans thought it to be the original number of Sunny Leone any they started making loads of call to that number. In the past few days, he received thousands of calls which added to his trouble only.

In a scene of the movie, Arjun Patiala Sunny Leone was supposed to give her phone number that is why she pronounced a number but that turned out to be of this man. The makers are stating that it wasn’t their intention to harass anybody they just scripted a random number.

sunny leone
sunny leone

The Pitampura man lodged a complaint

The 27-year-old man from Delhi lodged a complaint against the makers stating that he is receiving calls from the people who are demanding to talk to Sunny Leone, he added that he is being abused by several people.

However, Puneet Agarwal is not satisfied with the attitude of the makers, and he is planning to drag them to the court for using his phone number in the movie scene without his permission.

Came the apology from Sunny Leone without wasting any time.

Sunny Leone was quick to apologize for her mistake which she committed unknowingly. In an interview with Zoom TV, she stated “Sorry I didn’t mean for that to happen you. Must get some fascinating people calling.” She admitted that because of her pronouncing the number the man must have faced some hard times, and she is very sorry for that.

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