9 Subjects That Do Not Presuppose Writing Essays

The mere thought of writing an essay makes many students anxious. A vast majority of them detest writing because of what it has become. Students no longer associate essays with the ability to express their ideas. On the contrary, this type of knowledge assessment has become nothing but torture with all its rules and requirements.

Nevertheless, given the situation, professors see no better way to assess student knowledge than to make them write. The number of assignments due one week is gradually moving up, ергы imposing even a bigger burden on students.

Most of them already tested essay writing services. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have submitted most of their papers on time. External help provided by a write me an essay service is already greatly appreciated by several generations of students.

Yet, sometimes, it’s just the inclination towards writing that is missing. Some students prefer more technical subjects and don’t want to deal with the disciplines that overlap with human science. Some naturally look for ways to make sure their educational expenses are optimized. 

Services like EssayHub require some money, which students usually don’t have. That is why the interest in subjects that do not presuppose essay writing keeps growing. So, we’ve decided to be proactive and created a list of those classes for your convenience.

9 Subjects That Do Not Presuppose Writing Essays


Computing is all about combining your computer knowledge with math skills. You learn programming from scratch and try to apply this knowledge in building projects and programs. Even though you have to describe your achievements in writing, it does not look like a traditional essay. The focus of this course is numbers rather than essays and academic writing.


Math can be essay-free at a certain level. When you basically learn how to calculate and resolve some tasks, of course, you don’t have to write essays. However, if you are going to make Math your major, be ready to complete some written assignments in the form of coursework or project papers. However, the set of requirements and the level of creativity required for these assignments are rather small.


If you want to save yourself from essay writing, consider choosing an IT career. Most subjects related to computers and codes won’t require you to write much. Yet, you have to love figures, read numbers, and be able to think logically to succeed in programming. Some people find it easier to write an essay than to code a program. But it’s totally up to you.


Accounting does not set you free from essays. Yet, it doesn’t require you to write that much. Again, you have to be able to understand the meaning behind numbers to control spending and develop cost-saving strategies. Sometimes, you’ll have to describe these developments in writing, but this doesn’t require you to write an essay as we know it.


Getting involved in chemistry also saves you from doing lots of writing. Your main focus should be on learning the properties of different substances rather than writing. That’s why many students choose chemistry if they want to run away from essays. Nevertheless, this subject still requires you to write, but it is not that demanding in terms of academic writing standards.


Biology is all about studying living species and their habitats. Normally, biology as a subject doesn’t require essay writing. However, since education is now moving online, you’ll have to deal with certain written assignments for biology as well. Of course, this burden is hard to compare with the one that English students experience.


Physics can also help you decrease the number of writing assignments you’ll have to submit within a week. Your goal will be to study materials’ properties and natural phenomena to solve problems and get a better understanding of how the word functions. As an exception, you’ll be asked to describe your observations from time to time. Yet, it’s incomparable with real academic essays.

Fine Arts Subjects

9 Subjects That Do Not Presuppose Writing Essays

You can significantly decrease the number of essays you write by choosing a creative career. If you love to paint, draw, sculpture, or design, Fine Arts programs can save you from essays. Again, it’s not that you’ll be 100% free from any kind of written tasks. Yet, the focus of your education will be on the creative side, natural talent, and innovation.

Product Design

Any design subject that requires you to have a technical skillset and the ability to work with different software would hardly demand an essay from you. On the contrary, your product designs are the perfect way to express your knowledge, skills, and competencies. Even though you’ll have to present or describe them in writing from time to time, this is not considered an essay.


You may run away from essays, but you won’t get rid of writing completely. Every subject in school requires you to be able to express yourself in words, either written or pronounced. However, the subjects above indeed can save you lots of time and nerves, especially if you are not an avid essay writer.

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