8 Movies that revolves around the New York City


The extravagant hustle & bustle of the center of the world New York City, has been the appropriate backdrop of several classic films. Whatever the film’s budget is, there is something about the glimmering hue of New York that works in all genres. Here’s a list of movies shot in NYC, further providing the inhabitants’ dreams, hopes, and fears.


What is the most common thing about a film shot around New York? Woody Allen and theme inspired by New York. Manhattan is one of the popular rom-com from the mind of Woody Allen that narrates the story of a TV writer and his beautiful dating life.

8 Movies that revolves around the New York City

The premise of the film is to find love and companionship in a city that never sleeps. The film lovers will love the melancholic element, which makes Manhattan the perfect movie on the list.


Nothing is more beautiful and mesmerizing than New York City during Christmas. NYC during holidays becomes equally entertaining. Elf narrates Buddy’s story, a human (aka non-Elf) who is raised by elves. As buddy grows up, he realizes that he is pretty different from the rest of his family and decides to travel far to NYC to find his birth parents.

8 Movies that revolves around the New York City

The young human travels from the North Pole to New York to find and rekindle his relationship with his long-lost father and month. The film revolves around the theme of the Christmas miracle.

Taxi Driver

Robert De Niro’s Taxi Driver ranks among the greatest film in the history of motion pictures. This must-watch film is about intense violence, crime, and the sense of alienation from humanity. Taxi Driver packs some of the most significant dialogues and lines that would make even a guy blush.

8 Movies that revolves around the New York City

The film is about Travis Bickle, a veteran who has insomnia and decides to become a Taxi Driver at night. Over time, he pushes more into anger, depression, and aggression with new encounters. You can watch Taxi Driver online on Netflix.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The classic golden-age Hollywood film talks about the branding of a company. As a timeless and legendary romantic comedy, Breakfast at Tiffany’s is about a girl from small-town who has an eye for love, adventure, and money to survive in a big city.

8 Movies that revolves around the New York City

The legendary actress Audrey Hepburn is the lead actor of the classic film. She’s quirky, adorable, and exponentially neurotic. The film also features a cat representing the iconic aspect of fashion and how it influences women worldwide.


When you talk about a true comedy Hollywood classic, Ghostbusters will instantly come into your mind. The film revolves around three celebrated parapsychologists who investigate and exterminate paranormal activities in their city.

8 Movies that revolves around the New York City

These Ghostbusters’ goal is to save New York, the city of dreams, from ghosts and otherworldly beings. The film features a gooey Marshmallow Man and a catchy theme song called “Ghostbusters,” which doesn’t go out of style even in 2021. If the film’s central theme doesn’t convince you still, then we think the lead actor, Bill Murray, will!


One of the most experimental films of all time, Cloverfield isn’t about the blitz of New York, instead of an alien invasion that kills a group of friends who were having a good time.

8 Movies that revolves around the New York City

The film was shot is shot in a handheld kind of format, making it scary and sad at the same time. There is a lot of screaming among the dying people, whereas others try to survive the invasion. You can watch Cloverfield online on Netflix.

When Harry met Sally

The film starts with Harry and Sally, who move from Chicago to New York. The central characters are keeping on meeting with each other over the years.

8 Movies that revolves around the New York City

The most famous phrase from the film is ‘I want what she’s having,’ and this dialogue takes place in Katz’s Deli. You can watch it online on Amazon Prime Video.

Wall Street

The film revolves around Bud Fox, an aspiring stockbroker involved with a corporate raider named Gordon Gekko. For the next two hours, viewers will watch what greed and temptation of flirt and wealth do to people.

8 Movies that revolves around the New York City

The film takes place around the revolutionary transformational period 80s. The film also has a sequel released in 2010, called Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. The sequel introduces the second version of Gordon Gekko, which is very nostalgic. You can watch Wall Street online on Hotstar Dinsey+.