7 First Date Tips for Men

All people are unique, especially women, but this does not prevent them from responding equally to the actions of men. As for the first date, everything is still standard, and templates work as well as ever. 

The first date can be the last one, and here you can’t make mistakes that let more than one man down. There are common features of male behavior on the first date, in which the chances of a successful next meeting reach 95%. Following this plan when you date Russian women from https://ladadate.com/russian-brides, you will not fail the first date.

1. Choosing a Place for Communication

It doesn’t have to be the cinema or some other places where you cannot talk normally. You need some time to talk to make contact. The girl should know where you are going because jeans in the opera are not appropriate. She may not forgive it.

If walking, you get hungry, then most likely she will also not refuse to have a light repast. If it’s cold outside, then warming up and sitting somewhere is more important than all your charm and sense of humor.

2. Be a Gentleman

Treating a girl as a friend or buddy is not acceptable. She is here as your potential girlfriend, and if you act in an exquisitely polite and gallant manner, she will definitely appreciate it. It is enough to observe the usual rules of etiquette. Good manners show a good upbringing of a man and that he is ready to take care of a woman.

3. Dating Behavior

Watch your body gestures and don’t make mistakes on a date. Do not give out your nervousness, boredom, insecurity, and other unflattering traits. Be cool but friendly. She should not read in your body language what you do not want to show.

4. Be Attentive to the Girl

Forget about the phone on a date and do not look at other girls, no matter how hard it is. Keep your ears up and listen to everything she has to say. Another pro of attention is additional information from her. You can use everything she says to win her over.

5. First Date Conversation

You will not be able to remain silent, you are not yet close to allow yourself to do this. Most ladies can be led by the ears. Avoid sensitive topics, dangerous turns, do not speak out categorically about any matter. Leave yourself room for maneuver. If she says that she is fond of, for example, astronomy, say that you have been attracted by the stars too. 

6. Intimacy on a Date

Sexual tension is always present between a man and a woman. Don’t get emotional and don’t scare her away. Let her get used to you a little first.

7. End of a Date

End the date a little earlier than she wants. Thank her for the company, look into her eyes, and don’t forget to smile. And what about the goodbye kiss? It is up to you.

Josh Linus
Josh Linus
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