7 Different Letterhead Design Ideas To Use For Your Business

Are you looking for letterhead design ideas? If so, then this article is definitely meant for you. We have collected 7 different but interesting designs that are sure to grab your attention. After all, having appealing yet professional business stationery makes a huge difference when it comes to maintaining good relations with clients and partners. So if you want to look professional on paper, our collection of the best letterhead design ideas is just what you need!

As there are so many beautiful letterhead examples out there today, finding the right design can become quite tricky. This is why we have decided to solve this problem by providing all of you with some very helpful guidelines on how to find the perfect letterhead for your business. Here are some tips that will surely help you on your way to finding the perfect letterhead design for your business.

7 Different Letterhead Design Ideas To Use For Your Business

  1. Know what is the goal of your letterhead?

The first thing you need to do if you want to create a great-looking letterhead design idea of your own is figuring out what do you actually need it for. Are you going to use letterheads as business cards or as stationery? Whatever your intended purpose might be, make sure to keep it in mind at all times because this will provide a great starting point when exploring different designs later on.

  1. Do some research.

As there are so many amazing letterhead designs for inspiration available online now, we encourage you to spend some time browsing through them before starting designing one from scratch. This way, not only you will have a good idea about all the options available but also get some inspiration on how to design your own letterhead.

  1. Pay attention to the branding.

With branding being so important in the business world nowadays, your letterhead must reflect your brand. The colors you use speak volumes about who you are and what you represent so do keep this in mind while designing one for yourself!

  1. Know what details should be included.

If your letterhead design ideas include all the relevant information needed, there is no doubt that they will be quick to understand or even remember which is always great if prospective clients see them again someday down the line. So make sure to pay attention to basics like the company logo address contact information phone number email address etc.

  1. Be creative!

At the end of the day, letterhead design is all about expressing who you are and what your business stands for so never be afraid to be creative while designing one because by following this simple advice, you will find your own unique style that is sure to attract many future clients once they see it.

  1. Choose a premium quality paper stock.

When using letterheads in order to send out important business-related information via mail, make sure to use high-quality paper stocks like silk or at least 100 lb. Linen textured paper has always been a popular choice when it comes to creating beautiful-looking letterheads but if time doesn’t allow for shopping around, simply choose 100 lb white paper and print them yourself. It’s not so difficult as it may sound and there are hundreds of tutorials available on the Internet if you want to find out how to do it without mistakes!

  1. Pay attention to printing quality.

Letterheads need to be printed using offset printing techniques, especially when the business card design includes colors other than black and white. Make sure that your letterheads are printed on matte or high gloss finishes because this will provide a professional look that will impress everyone who sees them.

  1. Use letterhead makers like Venngage.

Venngage is an online letterhead maker that can help you choose, edit, and design your very own company letterhead. It offers a wide range of various letterhead templates so that you won’t have to make anything from scratch. To give you an idea, here are some professional letterhead examples from Venngage. 

7 Different Letterhead Design Ideas To Use For Your Business 7 Different Letterhead Design Ideas To Use For Your Business 7 Different Letterhead Design Ideas To Use For Your Business 7 Different Letterhead Design Ideas To Use For Your Business

So here they are – 8 different but useful letterhead design ideas we collected for all of you who want to make a great first impression with their future clients and partners. With these tips and help from Venngage, creating a letterhead for your company would be very easy. Start your journey and engage with potential clients by creating an alluring and unique letterhead today!

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