6 Steps to Study Without Exhausting Yourself

For most of us, studying is at least fun. Although sometimes we believe that it is difficult for us to concentrate more than the rest, it is not so, most of us suffer from concentration problems, no matter how small. For us, this group of society that gets lost with the passing of a fly, it is very important to attend in class if we want to obtain better results with less effort. Try to pay attention to what the teacher tells us by creating a story in our head.

We leave you six tips that will help you study hard without losing focus for when that dreaded moment comes when you are left alone with your books.

Schedule Yourself Properly

Do not make a commitment to yourself that you will study in your free time, that is usually not fulfilled. Most likely, you will never have free time to study, so find the best time of day for you, and save it for that. The more you associate that time of day with studying, the greater your ability to concentrate.

Ideal Situation

Some people study better by listening to certain types of music, others need absolute silence which does not even allow them to go to libraries. Some drink coffee or tea and dress as if they were going to go outside to stay awake, while another group prefers to be dressed in comfortable clothes to feel better, relax and thus increase their ability to concentrate.

We recommend the comfort option. Even if you take a shot of caffeine or theine, sooner or later you will end up getting tired and its effects will disappear. If you get comfortable and in the same area, it is very likely that you will focus better, these circumstances will allow you to go through long study sessions with ease, since your mind will unconsciously associate situations.


Notes, dirty sheets, books, pencils, paper, highlighters, pens, and something to snack on, are all in your study area. Make sure you have everything you need for intense and productive hours of study so you don’t have to get up and interrupt your session. That will only get you distracted and enter a state of deconcentration from which it will be more difficult for you to get out.

Schedule Your Breaks

Even the most studious person needs break times after a long time. Even the posture we adopt to study can be mentally and physically exhausting. Put an alarm on your alarm clock or phone that reminds you every hour or two that you should take a short break. In it, get up, stretch, drink water, say hello to your pet or your family… Make sure that the break is not more than 5 minutes, you could lose concentration completely. The point of these breaks is to make sure you don’t burn out and can come back to the session refreshed and ready to go.

Active Student

Active learning is much more effective than passive learning. The asset involves discussion and analysis of the topics studied. This style can help you understand and memorize topics very easily. Consider studying with someone else and discussing the material (once you get a bit of a grip on your ability to focus) instead of sitting in a chair and reading and reading. Varying your study habits a bit, like in this example, can ensure longer and more productive study time (doing the same thing for a long time can also lead to burnout).

Find Your Place of Study

Choose your place of study based on the capacity for distraction you have. Don’t choose a coffee shop as your study spot if there’s a high chance you’ll look up from your notes every time someone walks past you or someone drops a teaspoon onto your plate. It is also very important that it be easy to get to and physically comfortable so that the fact of going there does not entail an obstacle at the beginning of the session.

Beware of lighting and loud noises! Lighting is very important, so as not to tire your eyes quickly.


With these tips, you will surely get more studying energy and make your studying sessions much longer without a doubt. However, be careful with these techniques, because you can easily burn out! So, sometimes get help from an essay writer, when you’re feeling like you’re on the edge. Trust us, you don’t want to go over it!

Josh Linus
Josh Linus
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