The Best 5 Netflix Spanish Series For Language Learners 2021

Do you want to learn something new while enjoying your favorite Netflix series?

We know you spend a lot of time watching those fun-loaded series on Netflix. So, why not do something more productive while enjoying the shows. You can now swift to some binge-worthy Spanish shows to polish your vocabulary or learn a new language. Netflix offers the most accurate subtitles to help you quickly grasp the dialogues of any show. So, you can now try your hands on different accents while binge-watching the top Spanish TV shows.

Netflix Spanish Series

Here are our top picks of the top Spanish Netflix Series to help you learn the language most easily and quickly –

Top 5 Binge-Worthy Netflix Series To Learn Spanish

If you are keen to explore a new language or burnish your vocabulary in Spanish, Netflix can be your ultimate companion. With a huge library of Spanish language series, the streaming service is ideal for gaining better exposure in terms of accent. However, hassling around a bunch of Spanish shows to pick out the best can be time-consuming. So, to ensure that the audience enjoys a seamless experience as well as entertainment. Here are some of the popular Spanish series on Netflix –


The Best 5 Netflix Spanish Series For Language Learners 2021

Ingobernable is a popular Mexican political drama series featuring Kate del Castillo. The show debuted on March 24, 2017, on Netflix and got an incredible rating. Currently, with an IMDb rating of 7.1, this show is much-watched if you want to know the Mexican style, some of the slangs or expressions.

The show covers the struggles of a Mexican lady, Emilia, and her struggles to unveil the truth of her husband. With the best star cast and excellent cinematography, “Ingobernable” tops our list. The show is loaded with cliffhangers and unexpected twists. So, you will enjoy as well as learn from it.

“Las Chicas del Cable” (Cable Girls)

The Best 5 Netflix Spanish Series For Language Learners 2021

“Las Chicas del Cable” is a nail-biting series that got excellent viewership. It’s simply a boon for the viewers who want to explore the Spanish language. With a simple and interesting plot, it’s a masterpiece for Spanish fans. The storyline follows the life of a young woman working at a telecommunication firm. It explores new aspects about the female protagonists and revolves around Alba, a prostitute. If you are really eager to learn Castilian Spanish, “Las Chicas del Cable” can be your ideal choice.

“La Casa de Papel” (Money Heist)

The Best 5 Netflix Spanish Series For Language Learners 2021

If you are a crime-drama series fan, “La Casa de Papel” can be a treat to your eyes. With its debut in May 2017 on Netflix, it achieved a bag full of milestones. Currently, “La Casa de Papel” or Money Heist is the most-watched non-English series on Netflix. One of the prominent characters of the series, the Professor, has turned out to be everyone’s favorite. Revolving around the bank heist formula, this crime thriller is filled with twists and turns. Initially, the show was planned to be a mini-series. The story follows Professor, who is on a mission with his team to undertake the most daring bank robbery. However, later, Netflix picked up the show, which turned out to be a massive hit.


The Best 5 Netflix Spanish Series For Language Learners 2021

Created by Daniel Burman, Edha is a Spanish-language web television series. The show aired on Netflix in 2018, and it earned a lot of praise from the audience. It’s a story of darkness, revenge, and passion. The plot follows the relationship between a successful fashion designer and a mysterious man. It defines how love and betrayal turned Edha’s life upside down.

So, if you want to learn some amazing Spanish phrases or dialogues, “Edha” is a much-watch for you.

“La Nina” (The Girl)

The Best 5 Netflix Spanish Series For Language Learners 2021

La Nina or The Girl is a Colombian drama thriller based on a true story. It follows a young woman’s journey to guerilla, hunting for a better life in the modern city. She has a heart full of ambition. She desires to tailor a fruitful career in medicine. However, belonging to a group outside the modern laws stormed her life with many difficulties and hard circumstances. The plot details how she overcomes the darkness of her past to flourish as a free soul.

So, if you are eager to learn the Spanish language and explore its different accents, here are the best series that can accelerate your growth with a touch of entertainment.


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