5 Most Unique Slot Machine Themes

The great thing about slot machines is that, aside from the juicy jackpots and the joy of watching the reels spin, they offer more variety than any other casino game when it comes to the theme.

Of course if you’re a bit of a slots veteran, you’ll probably have played your fair share of slots inspired by Ancient Egypt, Chinese mythology and even Leprechauns, as all of these themes are raked over again and again.

So if you’re looking for a slot game experience that is out of the ordinary, why not check out the more unusual and unique themes that are out there at the moment?

5 Most Unique Slot Machine Themes

Horror Slots

Sometimes it’s entertaining to immerse yourself in the spookier side of life, and horror-themed slots definitely let you do this.

From games like Dracula Awakening that are based on classic horror literature, to hits like Immortal Romance which clearly pay homage to the Twilight movies, there are gothic slots out there for everyone.

If you want to win at horror slots, it helps to have some insider info. So how do slot machines work? In short, the outcome of every spin is randomly generated, meaning wins can happen immediately or after hundreds of spins.

The thing to look out for is low volatility, and high RTP (return to player), both of which will show that a slot is programmed to give players better odds of winning.

Sports Slots

Some slots are based on entirely different games, and there are actually a surprisingly small number of titles that are directly inspired by mainstream sports.

From odd mash-ups like Donkey Dash and Shaolin Soccer, to more sensible and serious games like Football Glory and Virtual Tennis, whatever your sport of choice there should be a slot to match it.

The best of the bunch will not just have sport-related symbols, but even feature mini games that test your reactions, which is a great way of mixing things up.

Fishing Slots

Fishing is a sedate pastime, and so it’s perhaps surprising that it has inspired so many slots. But when you think about it, there’s definitely a similar feeling to hooking a fish and reeling it in after an hour of waiting, as there is to netting a big slot payout after a period of fruitless spinning.

Popular fishing-themed slots include Big Bass Bonanza and the long-running Fishin’ Frenzy series, as well as wilderness-based counterparts like Alaskan Fishing. And you can expect the visuals and sound effects of these slots to fit in with the wet and watery theme rather well.

Viking Slots

It probably has something to do with the popularity of the Marvel superhero Thor, but the rise of Viking-themed slots has been pronounced in recent years.

Games inspired by the denizens of Valhalla are still not that common, but there are a few notable examples that are worth playing if you have an affinity for Scandinavian folklore.

Hall of Gods offers a broad cast of characters, while Thor’s Vengeance is more focused in its narrative. Then there are varied alternatives like Viking Queen, Volatile Vikings and Viking Clash. So grab your historically inaccurate horned helmet, fill your cup with mead and get playing!

Arabian Slots

For most western audiences, the main cultural touchstone of ancient Arabia is Aladdin, which might explain why slots themed in this way are not widely available.

There are a few notable exceptions, and it seems that the wish-granting abilities of genies gets them top billing. Genie Jackpots, Genie Nights and Genie Wild are drenched in desert delights, and while you can’t use magic to bag a win, the fun is still the same.

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