5 Easy Ways to Improve Safety in the Workplace

Safety in the workplace is of vital importance in industries such as construction and transportation. However, it is often forgotten that cultures of safe working practices also need to be implemented and adhered to in office-based work. Safety does not only keep your workers safe; it creates a happier working environment, which will optimize productivity. Our guide will show you five easy ways to create and improve workplace safety.

5 Easy Ways to Improve Safety in the Workplace

Fleet Management Systems

Technology can play an important role in safe working practices for logistics and transport companies. GPS fleet tracking and management systems will provide the means for fleet managers to pick up on bad practices as soon as they arise. Drivers can be monitored and, if necessary, given training to avoid unsafe behaviors being repeated, stopping accidents before they happen. This will reduce the number of safety incidents so take some time to review a guide on the next wave of safety technology. 

Have Channels of Communication Available

To maintain safe working practice, employees must feel that they have a channel to communicate with their supervisors should any issues arise. Having channels of communication open, with a willingness to listen, will make workers feel valued and incentivize them to keep to safety regulations. Channels of communication can be employee-led, with drop boxes available for their suggestions. Any issues that arise must be dealt with in a timely manner, otherwise, employees will feel that they are not being listened to and they will stop following safety procedures. This is something that you do not want to happen. You can also use high-tech gadgets or software to allow employees to voice concerns remotely and anonymously. This strategy supports your dedication to safety as well as your respect for their privacy.

Create a Culture of Workplace Safety

Employees respond to how they feel they are being treated by those employing them and there is no better way to emphasize care than by creating a culture of safe working practices. Ensuring your employees are thoroughly trained in all aspects of safety that may arise and keeping the safety practices up to date will create not only a safe working environment but also one in which employees feel valued and protected. That is why you should enroll your employees in the OSHA training program and reduce the risk of any accidents.

Reward Safe Behavior

It is easy for employees to become complacent when it comes to certain aspects of safety, especially if they feel that some measures are excessive or unnecessary. Adequately explaining why certain rules must be adhered to, and rewarding employees for following them is a great way to maintain these rules. Work-related injuries will be reduced and workers will be kept interested in following rules. It is important to not create unrealistic working targets as this will create a culture where corners will be cut and seemingly less important rules ignored and this will transfer into following safety guidelines.

Keep the Workplace Clean

This is of extra importance in certain working environments such as warehouses or garages, but it is also necessary to keep office workspaces clean and free of clutter. Boxes and any other items that are stacked must be secured tightly to stop them from falling and injuring someone. Spillages must be dealt with immediately to avoid any slipping-related injuries. A clean and tidy workspace will also create clean and tidy employees reducing the risk of working injuries.

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