4 Ways to Entertain Yourself Online

Everybody dreams of having more free time to do what they want. Suddenly, when you get it, you don’t know what to do to pass the seconds! Life is a harsh mistress. Thankfully, the internet is around to offer a helping hand. With billions of interconnected fibres sweeping around the globe, there’s enough content to keep the average person happy for four to five hours per day, particularly since Forbes.com reported that content doubled in 2020.

Of course, you do run the risk of overusing the same asset, especially if you’re on it a lot. Once this happens, it’s about finding new and exciting ways to entertain yourself. If you haven’t tried the following before, it’s about time you did.

4 Ways to Entertain Yourself Online

Work Out

Exercising seems like one of the only hobbies you can’t do online. However, if you believe this, you haven’t invested in fitness and lifestyle apps! Applications bring the sessions to your handset, meaning all you need to do is keep your phone charged. If lifting weights or jogging is your thing, there’s an app for everything that will track how fast you are running or how much you can bench. There are even recovery features that encourage you to rest and eat right so that you can get back on it straight away.

Play Games

Gaming is an industry that shifted to consoles in the 1990s and 2000s and seemingly hasn’t looked back. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft continue to dominate the landscape, and they do so by leveraging online worlds. Take Call of Duty as an example. Previously, it relied on a thorough story mode, whereas now it’s all about its extensive online maps. Of course, console gaming might not be your bag, but you shouldn’t worry because another avenue exists in the shape of online casinos. The likes of sites such as comeon.com, for instance, have designed offerings that are not only different from what you would find on PlayStations and Xbox but accessible, affordable and exciting. You can play from the comfort of your home without worrying about travelling to a traditional establishment or getting dressed up for the occasion.

Get Inspired

Social media platforms get a lot of bad press as they are used negatively by some of their users, but you can channel easily them for what they are intended – to get your creative juices flowing. For example, a Pinterest account is a fantastic way to store ideas about anything, from the latest clothes trends to DIY inspiration for your home. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is perfect for figuring out job opportunities and connecting with your peers to enhance your career.

Video Call

Not everyone in your life is going to live within walking distance. Friends and loved ones will spread far and wide in a bid to find their own path. You shouldn’t use this as an excuse to drift apart, especially not when technology makes it simpler than ever to reconnect. Using video-calling software, for instance, is ideal for interacting with people you haven’t spoken to in ages, or struggle to see in the flesh due to the distance. The great thing about video-calling is that time flies by!

With so many things to do on the internet, you shouldn’t give up if you hit a stumbling block. Instead, think abstractly and something entertaining will pop up.

Josh Linus
Josh Linus
Josh can talk films for hours on end, discussing the really good cinema, the really bad, and anything in between. He enjoys everything - from epic fantasies to horror, from rom-coms to crime and action thrillers, from sci-fi to musical dramas.

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