4 Must-Have Matte Lipstick Shades for Every Woman

Every woman relates to the struggle of finding that perfect matte lipstick that works for every occasion and glams up any outfit. Lipstick is a makeup staple that we don’t pass a day without. There is no denying that some shades are timeless. From nudes to classic reds, a great matte lipstick oozes confidence. With thousands of options available today, picking the one right lip shade can be a daunting task. Lucky for you, we did all the research to bring you the best and super versatile matte lipstick shades that will look good on anyone.

Here, we present to you a collection of universally flattering matte lipstick shades that can be every woman’s go-to color. 

  1. A Bright Red- When you’re Feeling Feisty

Of course, red tops our list. It is no news that a smooth glide of red can accentuate any look in a matter of seconds. If you still haven’t tried on red matte lipstick, there is nothing to fear. It works wonders on every skin tone. Red looks fierce on every woman there is. It’s the perfect shade for a girl’s night out, for a date night, and even for a family dinner. Nothing is more classic than a red lip. Uncover your inner Marilyn Monroe and make a bold statement!

2. A Nude Pink for Sheer Sophistication

Like to keep it subtle but stylish? Then a nude pink matte lipstick is just right for you. 

Be it your next Instagram selfie or a brunch date with the girls, apply a nude pink matte lipstick, and give your lips a nice wash of color. Pair it with a smoky eye or a dramatic liner and bring your face to life. The right nude lip shade will add natural subtlety to your overall look and mesmerize everyone you meet. 

3. A Wine or Plum for the Bold

Bored of the regular colors? Try a bold stroke of wine or plum matte lipstick. Break the monotony of bright pinks and reds to make an edgy statement. A wine or plum shade goes well with both traditional and modern clothing. Reliable beauty brands like SERY Cosmetics offer lipsticks with plush-matte texture and weightless application. You can choose from matte lipstick shades, including Peppy Plum, Wonder Wine, and more.

4. Brown for the Win

Yes, there’s a brown lipstick that works well on both dark and light complexions. Don’t be afraid to pull out a brown matte lipstick, as it matches every woman’s gorgeous skin. You can try the Nude Nuts or Beauty Brick lip shade from SERY Cosmetics to create a unique head-turning look. The brown matte lipstick is versatile enough to create an understated look for workdays or a fun look for clubbing night with friends. Brown matte lipstick shades suit almost every woman’s undertone and skin tone perfectly.

Pull off Every Color

No look is complete without a glide of lipstick. Step up your makeup game with these must-have matte lipstick shades and be ready for every occasion. Make sure to buy lipsticks from reputable brands like SERY Cosmetics. The modern millennial brand offers a range of matte lipstick shades with an advanced infusion of silky pigments that flatter every skin tone. Their range of lipsticks also nourishes your lips deeply instead of leaving them dry. You can choose from plenty of colors online that are packed with the goodness of red raspberry and powerful antioxidants. So, celebrate your skin tone and try these gorgeous shades this season!

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