4 Fan-Favorite Netflix Series that were Cancelled

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of TV shows on Netflix. Some of these shows have gone viral, with people binge-watching them whenever they get the chance. While watching a TV series from start to finish makes sense, some fan-favourite Netflix series have been cancelled in the past. This can be because of insufficient funding, disagreement between Netflix and the producing brand, and so on. But whatever reason it may be, it always hurts to see one’s favourite TV series and shows get cancelled. Read on to find out about four recent series cancelled by Netflix.


Daredevil is a TV series from Marvel that was cancelled by Netflix in 2018. The series features the Marvel comic character, Daredevil, who fights crime on the streets of New York City. The popular veteran Charlie Cox played the Daredevil character, and after three successful seasons, Netflix announced the cancellation of the series. From the official statement of the subscription streaming service and production company, the cancellation was that season 3 was apparently too good. However, we believe there is much more to the story.


This is another fan-favourite Netflix season that came to an abrupt end. The storyline features Marty and Wendy, who moved their family to the Lake of the Ozarks following a money-laundering scene. The continuation of the award-winning series was halted after Netflix decided to stop funding it. Presently, there are three show seasons. However, you can expect a renewal for the fourth and final season. This is expected to hit the screens in 2022.


An American science fiction series featuring eight mentally and emotionally linked strangers. The first season of Sense8 became available for streaming on Netflix in 2015. However, Netflix cancelled the entire show in 2018 due to the small audience size and budget. It has only two seasons, and there are no plans for renewal in the foreseeable future.

The OA

An exciting mystery drama series with a fantasy element that premiered in 2016. The OA features Prairie Johnson, a young blind adopted woman that goes missing for seven years. One day she comes back with her eyesight restored and claims to be an angel. In 2019, Netflix announced the cancellation of the series after just two seasons. This means fans should not expect season 3 any time soon. The cancellation was partly due to high production costs and a drop in viewership.


Netflix has several exciting TV series, some of which are still making waves. However, there are also a couple of fan-favourites that have been cancelled over the years. We’ve highlighted four popular ones, Daredevil, Ozark, Sense8 and The OA. Whether the cancellation of these shows was due to finances or disagreement, the fact still remains that we will miss them. If your favourite Netflix shows are cancelled and you do not feel like watching anything else, perhaps you can try your hand at some impressive casino games at live casino UK, where you can find a large selection of various casino games to keep you entertained.

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