365 Days Part 2: Release Date, Netflix Renewal and Cast

Following the erotic romance drama genre, ‘365 Days’ became one of the most-watched movies for some time on Netflix. Following its release, the movie faced a storm of negative criticism for its outgoing portrayal of sexual violence and abusive scenes. But the Polish film proved the critics wrong with its cult fame growing by the day.

Based on Blanka Lipinska, ‘365 Days’ was released on Netflix on June 7, 2020. The story follows the events after a beautiful executive, Laura Biel, gets kidnapped by the newly crowned mafia boss, Massimo. The movie called out fans earning for more on-screen time with a mix of romance and aggressive passion. And here is everything we know.

365 Days Part 2: Release Date, Netflix Renewal and Cast

Have 365 Days been renewed for a sequel?

The romance drama ‘365 Days’ has not been renewed for a sequel; in fact, it has been renewed for two more. As the trilogy series contains three novels, the green flag was given to continue production for two more movies. Fans of the movies are doubly excited about the prospect of this news and can’t wait for the release.

365 Days Part 2: OTT Platform

The first movie was released in Polish theaters in February 2020. After a few months, Netflix obtained the streaming rights and released ‘365 Days’ on its platform. Unlike the first movie, the sequels will not be released in theaters first but will have a worldwide premiere on Netflix.

365 Days Part 2: Release Date

Unfortunately, there has been no official release date for the sequels. Netflix has taken charge of production following the renewal news. Since productions were under halt and experienced a small delay last year due to the pandemic situation, it might take a while to get an official release date.

365 Days Part 2: Cast

365 Days Part 2: Release Date, Netflix Renewal and Cast

Based on the events from the novel, ‘365 Days’ part 2 will most likely retain the lead cast members. According to reports, this was confirmed by the lead actress, who revealed that both Laura and Massimo would return to reprise their roles. In addition, characters like Olga and a few others make a return. However, a new character played by Simone Susanna will be introduced in part 2.


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