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3 Ways To Enjoy A Weekend Camping

Weekend camping trips are fun and can provide many health benefits. Regularly going on weekend camping trips can improve your mood, ward off stress, and improve sleep. Spending more time outdoors can also encourage you to socialize and breathe more fresh air. 

Weekend camping trips are already enjoyable, but do you know that there are still many ways on how you can make this activity more memorable? If you’ve been going on camping trips almost every weekend, you know how this activity can eventually get predictable.

Friends hikers sitting on a bench made of logs and watching fire together beside camp and tents in the night. On the background beautiful starry sky, mountains and luminous town. Rear view

For your next weekend camping trip, implement the following for you to enjoy the activity more:

  1. Bring Your Dog With You

One of the easiest ways for you to enjoy a weekend camping trip is to bring your dog with you. Your dog could use some exercise and will surely bring a lot of fun to your trip. This is especially true if you have an active pet who loves to run and roam outdoors. 

When bringing your dog to weekend camping trips, make sure to bring their essential items, such as their water and food bowls, food, and toys. If you’re going to camp during the colder months, don’t forget to bring blankets for your dog. 

2. Prepare Games

Basking in the great outdoors as you’re going on a weekend camping trip can get boring if you don’t have anything to do after setting up your tent. How can you have fun at camp if everyone will only stay in their tents the entire time? Do you think this will keep everyone entertained?

For your next camping trip, prepare games to be played on the camping site. While some of these games will require everyone to roam around the campsite, others can be done as you’re lounging in your comfy camping chair. Playing games can make your trip more memorable, especially if you’re bringing your children with you. 

Some of the most common games you can play during a weekend camping trip are nature scavenger hunt, morse code treasure hunt, campfire charades, and obstacle courses. You can even download mobile games ahead of time, and let everyone compete with each other on-site. 

3. Make Campfire-Friendly Meals Ahead Of Time

Your weekend camping trip won’t be complete without meals. You’ll be spending your entire weekend outdoors, which means that you’ll have to be innovative in preparing meals. And while you can prepare these meals once you arrive at your campsite, this can cause stress as you’ll be overwhelmed with other activities (think about setting up your tent while looking after your children).

romantic couple on camping by the river outdoors

If you want your weekend camping trip to be memorable for all the right reasons, prepare meals ahead of time. For example, you can bake potatoes as your side dish at home, and then reheat them on a foil when you arrive in the campsite. You can also enjoy nachos with dips mixed ahead of time and then reheated at camp, and yoghurt breakfast parfaits brought in coolers to your campsite. 

4. Be Open To Changes

There are many ways for you to enjoy a weekend camping trip—and most of these don’t require a lot of money or tedious planning. As long as you’re willing to change your routine when camping, you’ll surely have more fun with your loved ones!


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