2022 Property Management Technology Trends

Over 45% of property managers have expressed a desire to improve efficiency in the rental management process. Property management involves undertaking numerous responsibilities, including maintenance, repairs, rent collection, and more.

Technology is necessary to support property managers and automate processes to reduce a vast workload. But what are the top latest technologies to help improve the efficiency of your property management? This guide talks through the latest technologies that are being used to help organize property management tasks and facilitate better building protection and maintenance.

Top Emerging Technologies For Property Management

This following list covers technology that will allow you to create smart management in your building, automate processes, and increase security in your building to increase occupants’ feeling of safety.

Virtual Tours

In the wake of the pandemic, there is an increased need for technologies that allow for remote leasing of properties. We are seeing increased use of virtual tours that benefit from providing remote viewing for those needing to self-isolate or under lockdown protocols. Virtual tours are also more accessible for those with a busy schedule or those relocating and wishing to view properties without traveling.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence in the form of chatbots can be used to answer tenants’ queries quickly without taking up too much of the property manager’s time. This technology provides tenants with a way to ask quick questions without long lists of correspondence piling up for the property manager to answer.

Smart Technology And The Internet Of Things

Smart technology is a way to embed computational technologies and sensors into everyday objects and connect them to the internet of things (IoT).

You can use the internet of things and smart technology in a sophisticated building management system, which improves the convenience of managing the following elements:

  • Fire alarms and security alarms
  • Access control
  • Boilers
  • Water management
  • Energy information
  • Lighting

If all of these elements are under your building management system, you will receive an alert if the operation deviates from standard settings. You will also be able to view the data from these sources to improve the financial efficiency of building operations and make your building more environmentally conscious.

Access Control

Cloud based access control is an emerging technology that when integrated with other advanced commercial security technology, can help improve your occupants’ feeling of safety and convenience, as well as your general building security. Access control enables keyless access via a digital access card stored on your tenants’ mobile devices.

If your reader’s frequency allows it, your tenants will be able to gain entry to the building while their mobile devices are in their pockets, as the device can communicate with the reader using BlueTooth technology.

Wellness Verification

Touchless hygiene-based technology is necessary to ensure that your building responds effectively to the problems posed by the pandemic. Wellness verification can allow you to restrict access to your facility for those who have not provided information on their symptoms.

Providing an efficient response to the pandemic will increase your tenants’ view of their building management. A touchless access system also includes health and safety protection by reducing the number of surfaces your tenants must touch to enter and leave the building. These are just a couple of ways you can improve safety in your facility and ensure tenants feel protected and secure.

Converging Cyber And Physical Security

As we move into 2022, we are starting to see the convergence of digital and physical security due to smart technologies making digital and physical assets less distinct.

You can converge your building’s physical and digital security by protecting your access system and smart building technology with cybersecurity software.

Since these technologies are cloud-based, you will need to ensure that you have a robust cybersecurity plan in place, so that their remote operation capabilities are only accessible to authorized users. You can also improve the safety of your file transfers to ensure that the data gathered from your smart building technology is secure.

Automating Building Management Triggers

Physical access events that occur internally and externally in your building can provide information that triggers building management functions. For example, suppose a user enters one of the amenities’ facilities in your building. In that case, this can trigger your smart building management system to turn on the electricity and lights in that location automatically.

Integrating Technologies

You can achieve a smart building management system by integrating visitor management, building management, and access control functions.

By housing all of these functions under one system, all of this information is available on one interface, allowing for better security and building management. You will be able to address incidents more quickly by viewing access information alongside a video camera feed of the event, without correlating the data stored in different places.

Integrating these technologies creates a more user-friendly experience for property managers and could be the key to increasing the efficiency of your building management solutions.

Tech is key to efficient property management.

In 2022, we are seeing a move towards technologies that you can integrate to house all security and building management information in one place. Not only will your security strategy be merged with cybersecurity, but a smart building management system will allow for remote operation of all critical features in your building.

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