2.0 China Collection at Box Office: Rajini – Akshay film is a complete disaster, accumulates 3 Million US

Akshay Kumar and Superstar Rajinikanth starring 2.0 directed by Shankar released in India quite some time ago. However, the film hit the Chinese screens in the previous week. Given that 2.0 is one of the most expensive Indian films of all time. On the other hand, 2.0 was a massive success in the Indian box-office. Nevertheless, in the Chinese box-office, the film is not doing great in the box-office of China.

Most of the Indian films that did release in China in the last few years met with a wide array of success. However, things were different with 2.0, it was an important milestone in the Indian Cinema, 2.0 was a failure across China. 2.0 did also fail to accumulate box-office collection over the weekend. Rather, the film did even witness a gradual decline in collection over the course of time.

2.0 Collections Dropped

According to several sources, the film did accumulate around Rs. 21.43 Crores in the Chinese box-office. By the looks of it, the film did manage to garner around 3 million USD during the first few days of its release. In the last six days, the film did garner subpar box-office collection. In the meantime, the film did also fade away from the screens across China drastically.

The film also features, Dil Hussian, Sudhanshu Pandey, Riyaz Khan, and Amy Jackson in the lead and notable roles.

An insight into the Box-Office Collection of 2.0

1st Day Collection – 1.36 million USD or ₹9.71 Crores from 295165 admissions.

2nd Day Collection – 0.75 million USD or ₹5.36 Crores from 168389 admissions.

3rd Day Collection – 0.46 million USD or ₹3.28 Crores from 103519 admissions.

4th Day Collection – 0.15 million USD or ₹1.07 Crores from 37396 admissions.

5th Day Collection – 0.15 million USD or ₹1.07 Crores from 34939 admissions.

6th Day Collection – 0.10 million USD or ₹0.71 Crores from 26861 admissions.

Overall collection – 3 million USD or ₹21.44 Crores.

Sujeeth Kalyan
Sujeeth Kalyan
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