2.0 China Box-Office Collection: $ 3.04 Million In First Week, $ 0.5 Million In Week Two

The box office collections of Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar’s 2.0 in China turned out to be disappointing in China. In the first week of its release, the film collected $ 3.04 Million. But in the second week, it had overall collections of $ 0.5 Million.

If you observe the trend of Indian movies that have released in China, the collections of the movie have increased over time. But that is the case with 2.0 telling us that film didn’t manage to impress the audience.

2.0 China Collections

Robo 2.0 Week 1 China Box Office Collections 

In previews, the film is estimated to have collected ₹ 0.21 Crores [$ 0.03 Million]

Day 1: ₹ 9.59 Crores [$ 1.37 Million]
Day 2: ₹ 5.18 Crores [$ 0.74 Million]
Day 3: ₹ 2.94 Crores [$ 0.42 Million]
Day 4: ₹ 1.19 Crores [$ 0.17 Million]
Day 5: ₹ 1.12 Crores [$ 0.16 Million]
Day 6: ₹ 0.77 Crores [$ 0.11 Million]
Day 7: ₹ 0.28 Crores [$ 0.04 Million]

Total First Week Box Office Collections: ₹ 21.28 Crores [$ 3.04 Million]

Though day-wise collections of the movie are not available anywhere, it is reported that the film has collected about $ 0.5 Million in week 2. That is a 400% percent drop compared to week 1. In comparison with 1, the screens have also decreased in week 2.

Anyhow, as we don’t know what is the theatrical value of the movie in China, we can’t decide whether the film is a flop or hit in China. We can only say that the film did not meet the expectations of fans back in India in terms of Box Office numbers.

What is the reason behind these disappointing numbers? Majority of the netizens say no release for part 1 of Robo in China must be the reason behind this. While some other say part 1 was much better than part 2, so it might have disappointed the audience.

What do you think? Is the film a success or a failure in terms of the box office in China? What could be the reason behind less than expected collections? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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