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summer contest in 2019

Daily attractive prizes!


star journey of the worlds

Norwegian fjords with Hurtigruten early booking offer:

fever, diarrhea & co.

travel pharmacy for Baby and toddler: You should be aware of

Anna Stefanski

Baby wakes up due to noise

sleepless nights due to squeaking parquet: father invents solution


mother sues for damages, because the Down was not recognized syndrome and your child

night calm

sleep aid for your Baby: These five ideas for children weighing in the bedroom

Anna Stefanski

Twitter Thread

A touching story, how an autistic Boy and his integration aide learned


To the Online-Petition against early school enrollment: enrollment date will be brought forward

C. Tauzher: The Pubertäterin

environment with a lot of cling film to know: As the teenage girl wants to save the planet

water fun

paddling pool for children: You should look for

Anna Stefanski

world and travel

four-year-old throws up in Spain in a bottle into the sea and receives a response from Moscow

40 new Levels of Mahjong – free to play! Play

(Pre-)reading time

classic children’s book: The best stories for little bookworms

Anna Stefanski

C. Tauzher: The Pubertäterin

The teenage girl Roger. Almost everything must go. First of all, your mother is happy, but then …

United States

15-year-old couple sends Naked Selfies – Boy as a sex offender convicted

Tweets of the week

“Have You eaten today, all the school stuff?” “Yes. The eraser was the most delicious, mom.”


“heat-induced termination of teaching”: that is Why there is no longer the old heat free almost

New study

“Legalized bullying”: scientists want to ban Dodge ball from sports lessons

Of Eugen Epp

Tweets of the week

“I have children. I lost the trust in your ears.”

C. Tauzher: The Pubertäterin

summer holiday – we are on the beach, the teenager in a freezer

the report of the week

blood cancer

The two-year-old Victoria has leukemia, needs help and time is of the essence

By Susanne Baller

great Britain

baby lucky 13 miscarriages: “I can’t believe you really belongs to me”

By Susanne Baller


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