Zero Waste: Airline performs first flight without plastic waste


just the environment That fly-friendly way to travel, it should now be clear to all. Usually one thinks only of the harmful gases that are blown into the air. Forgotten often that such a flight also in terms of plastic represents a considerable waste problem. Finally, the food is issued for the passengers and crew in plastic containers and then with plastic Cutlery eaten, the drinks there are made of aluminum or tin-cans-and-white cups in plastic and so on.

The Australian airline Qantas says now, at least, the environmental issue on Board the fight. The Airline has carried out the claims to the first Zero-Waste-of-flight in the world. On the way from Sydney to Adelaide, no waste was produced – all the materials used are compostable, reusable or recyclable.

34 kilograms of plastic per flight

The food container could, for example, consisted of sugar cane, the Cutlery had been made of Harvest intensity. Everything was collected by the Crew and is to be used again. Check-in and the award of the baggage were made digitally. By the end of 2020, the Airline aims to save 100 million plastic items, until the end of 2021 the production of waste in the case of Qantas flights is to be lowered by a total of 75 percent.

so Far, would be consumed in a year on Qantas flights garbage, the 50 fully Packed Boeing 747 Jets corresponds to, said CEO Andrew David. The route Sydney – Adelaide, which has now been placed with Zero Waste back, normally with 34 kilograms of plastic waste zubuche, this results in 150 tonnes in the year, reports the Airline.

So, at least, the plastic problem is tackled on flights – more than a drop on the hot stone but this is not, unfortunately. Because the real Problem for the environment is the CO2. The are on the route between Sydney and Adelaide after all, 0,77 tonnes.

sources: Qantas / Biopak

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