Your child knows the names and food preferences of all of his Dinos? Good!


    The Brachiosaurus, with its length of up to 27 meters, the largest land animals in earth’s history and is a herbivore. If your child really is interested in dinosaurs, know the. The Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and the like, know all of the details. Such Knowledge is to be something else than, for example, a Fan of unicorns or avid Playmobil Fan. An American study from the universities of Indiana and Wisconsin found that children with a strong interest in topics such as dinosaurs, a higher level of intelligence and this tendency can develop into a series of advantages. Among the advantages that can develop, for example, greater endurance, improved focus and the increase in the ability to think complex and to process information. The study is not new, but only recently has been released online.

    From the way children deal with dinosaurs, concluded the experts, has a significant impact on the strategic dealing with problems later in life in a positive way. The investigated age period, compared with children between four and six years, and, don’t panic, it’s completely normal, if the interest in dinosaurs with the school Enrolment decreases again. The great passion for a specific area may, in the case of children, only to quickly fade.

    your Baby not sleeping through? Bravo!

    The love of dinosaurs is not the only feature of higher intelligence in children. Another may reconcile some of the afflicted parents, perhaps, because if a Baby can’t sleep all night, this can also be an indicator of Cleverness. Professor Peter Fleming, one of the researchers at the University of Bristol, to children’s health and development, psychology, sees here a connection. “Human babies are not designed to sleep long,” he explained. “That’s probably not what want to listen to parents, but it is not good for you. There is no evidence that anybody would be beneficial to have a child who sleeps continuously for a long time,” quoted the “Daily Record”.

    we would come up with someone … 😉

    sources: “Daily Record”, a study of Cognitive Development


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