Where the hotel guests to live out their secret fantasies


theme hotels are in the Trend. Because guests often wish more than just a change of scenery. You want to temporarily break out, and in other roles. For example, in Kiev’s newest Hotel with the name Cherry Twins.

In the house with only seven rooms, guests descend less to Stay, and you are likely to crave anything other than after a relaxing night’s sleep. Rather, the premises offer an ambience that stimulates to Action of a special kind.

“Cherry Twins is the perfect place to let your erotic fantasies become a reality,” says Elena Solovieva. In cooperation with sexual scientists, it has been designed for the Love Hotel are the themed rooms. The spectrum ranges from harmless and plushy furnished, the Queen’s Boudoir on a harem parlor, class rooms, and the Gothic space to the Sado-Maso-torture chamber and the treatment room of a doctor.

2000 square meters of magnificent

Gold valves on the Alabaster Bidet: So luxurious not rent the largest hotel Suite in Europe

By Till Bartels

Who has agreed to meet here, to a Rendezvous, need the room for a whole night. The price concept is clear: The minimum duration is three hours, in addition, each additional hour must be paid. For the period from 21 o’clock to 9 o’clock in the morning there is a lump sum.

The price range starts for three hours at 46 euros in the Queen’s Boudoir and ranges up to the equivalent of 185 Euro for the Gothic rooms with the large images of Hieronymus Bosch to the walls. The Ukrainian conditions is extremely high room prices.

The operators place a high value on safety and cleanliness, and to stress that the premises to persons under the age of 21 and under the influence of drugs will not be rented. They assure that each room is sterilized after the rental. In addition, it is prohibited “to get paid for sexual services.”

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