We have asked you to do: the best advice has your mother ever given


    There are not many people who love you unconditionally, mothers include in the rule. And, let’s be honest: Sometimes we should listen more to you than we would like. Just in time for mother’s day we have our Facebook Fans asked: What advice your mother didn’t you forget today? Of it touching, but also funny answers came.

    The tip of Roberta K.’s mother liked one of our Facebook Fans at the best. Because you advised her: “do you never financially dependent on a man.” This advice I followed. Giovanni M. has remained, as many others also, especially the following sentence to his mother: “Wait a minute, if you have kids, then you’ll understand me.” He adds: “And Yes, it’s true.”

    “no Matter what happens. You can always come home,”

    several Facebook users has remained also in the memories that your mother gave you once on the way: “a beautiful dish you can’t eat alone.” Means: to choose a particularly good looking Partner, the swarm probably is always to other admirers. For a lot of amusement and approval of the practical advice of Johanna S.’s mother saw to tighten: “Always fresh underwear. As a nurse, I can only say that the Council would be able to give many mothers to their children.”

    Bella B. is grateful to your mother for this sentence: “no Matter what happens. You can always come home.”

    mothers are simply great counselor! ❤❤❤

    Posted by star on Saturday, 4. May 2019

    The mother of Daniela M. she warned: “you Look exactly like your To speak about the others. He also speaks at some point about you.”

    And Andrea R. keeps for years in the following tip: “Before you get upset, think about whether you want it in five years, still is one thing that is important to you.”

    That we must make with the advice of the mother but also an exception, shows the story of Anette H. her mother said: “never Go with someone you don’t know … am with a run. Living together today, are married and have children. Is went well.“



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