So is she in the game again.

In the course of the christmas Louise ‘Twerk Queen’ Kjølsen decorated gluteal creative and rocked it to ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ and ‘I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus’ in order to create the christmas spirit on his Instagram account, and now there is a new julevideo.

In cooperation with the glimmerfirmaet Save of the Jungle Louise Kjølsen given to his followers everything they wanted for christmas. Namely, a christmas bum shaking to the tune of ‘All I Want For Christmas’ Is You.

It is the last video in the adventskalenderen, there has been a great success for the ‘Twerk Queen’.

– It has been a very good response. A German journalist has contacted me and asked if they could do an article on it. It has given a handsome amount of followers inside of Instagram in christmas, says Louise Kjølsen, there even being a quarter German.

when Asked whether the people on Instagram can expect a new year greeting, answered Louise Kjølsen:

– There will definitely a new year greeting. I hold on to the holidays.

You can see more of Louise Kjølsens twerk videos on her Instagram profile.


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