The us government shut down partially for the third time this year – mexico’s wall dispute no agreement


    the united states federal government was shut down partially the Mexican border wall issue.

    the Congress ended its work Friday night, the eighth time and return to their work until Saturday at noon. It is due to this, I had time to approve continuation of federal funding.

    Federal funding cut off at midnight, i.e. seven in the morning Finnish time.

    the Senate and White house representatives visited the evening of last-minute negotiations with the administration of the partial shutdown to prevent.

    the Dispute has escalated, as the president of Donald Trump has refused to accept a financing solution, which does not secure five billion dollars in financing to the Mexican border on the wall. The democrats answer to the way the border wall and have demanded, that instead the money would be directed to other border control activities.

    Trump has blamed the controversy on the democrats and said the White house was fully prepared for a long lock.

    the Third time this year

    the Case is the third administrative closure this year. In February, the part of the government shut down for one day and in January for three days. This time ran out of funding several federal agencies including the national security sector, as well as tax and transport.

    The parties have to therefore drive gradually their operations down to christmas. The New York Times (you move to another service) 420 000 government employees work without pay and 380 000 will be laid off.

    the Lock duration is unknown. Several branches of government financing is, however, secured, inter alia, the ministry of defence budget was already approved earlier this year.

    the Mexican border wall construction was Trump’s main campaign promises in the presidential election of 2016, and at that time, he promised the Mexican equivalent of its funding. Rise to power after, however, he has requested money from congress, and senate democrats have blocked each attempt.

    access to Finance is at least easier next year, when the democrats get the November interim elections of deputies of the majority of the possession.

    Sources: BTI, AP, REUTERS


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