Strikes at three major German Airports lead this Thursday to hundreds of flight cancellations, tens of thousands of travelers are affected. At the locations Düsseldorf, Cologne/Bonn and Stuttgart, it will come to-day work stoppages, the safety of workers, the trade Union Verdi on Wednesday. Then were cancelled at düsseldorf airport 350 for Thursday planned around 570 take-offs and landings, in Stuttgart, first of all, 125 of the 270 flights were cancelled. In Cologne, many Cancellations were expected. Originally, around 110,000 travelers were expected for the flights to the three Airports.

in order for the employee representation switches in the current collective bargaining conflict to a higher gear: To the start of the week about a four-hour warning strike at Berlin Airports led to about eight percent of the flights were on this day. The employers criticised the project as “completely covered”.

fronts in Collective bargaining

harden, The collective discussions were already started in the autumn, without a result – at the moment, the fronts are hardened. It comes to the private security personnel who checked the passengers, the freight, Goods and airport employees. At the time of payment, there are large regional differences – in the East of Germany there are, according to employer information provided at passenger check your 14,70 Euro and in the West to 17,16 Euro per hour. Employees are only for the cargo and airport staff in charge, to get less, here is a lower limit in EUR 12.90 – so much is paid in Thuringia. Added to this are the surcharges for Sunday services or night work.

Higher wages required

drivers of armored trucks are on strike – is the cash in?


Verdi is calling for a payment from nationwide for 20 Euro per hour for the approximately 23,000 employees in the air safety. According to the account of the employer, the contract claim means that an increase of the salary by up to 44 percent and was thus “completely unrealistic”. They offer its a Plus of up to 6.4 per cent. It was “definitely negotiable”, the Association of the aviation security company (BDLS).

Verdi sees it differently – from the point of view of the trade Union the offer is not so low that a tariff compromise is possible. For most employees, the employer would offer, according to Verdi’s account, only an increase of 2 percent. “The employees of the aviation security companies have to receive for your serious and responsible task, a significantly higher remuneration,” said Verdi negotiator, Benjamin Roscher.

“With considerable Hampered flight operations” and, with flight-failure-expected

From the Strikes to the aircraft and Tower are not affected directly. Since the pilots and flight attendants and the passengers and the Tower staff are not or only very late, however, could come through the security gates, are likely to be deleted, numerous flights, especially since the machine can not be loaded as usual with suitcases and food.

It was expecting “significant disruption to the flight operations such as flight cancellations and delays,” said the Cologne/Bonn airport. From düsseldorf airport, it was said, was prepared “as best as possible on the strike”. However, with long waiting times and flight cancellations could be expected. Passengers are advised to inform themselves prior to arrival at the Airline, and early and set off. Hand Luggage should be kept to a Minimum, in order to accelerate the controls. Also at Stuttgart Airport, it is expected that “significant restrictions”.

The Left in the Bundestag called for in view of the tariff conflict, the nationalization of the security services at airports. “Public safety must not be to the profit of private security service providers subordinate to aspire to, and not in a sensitive area such as the terrorist attacks at airports,” said Left-Parliament managing Director Jan Korte of the “New osnabrück newspaper” (Thursday).

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