This year’s Nobel prizes has been distributed in Stockholm and in Oslo on Tuesday Alfred nobel’s death anniversary.

in Oslo, was handed the Nobel peace prize. It received this year, the congolese doctor Denis Mukwege and an iraqi human rights activist Nadia Murad , who have worked to end the use of sexual violence in conflict.

the Peace Nobel prize, the Nadia Murad and dr. Denis Mukwege.

Mukwege has helped to rape and other brutal sexual violence against displaced women and children in eastern Congo a couple of decades.

the Iraqi jesidivähemmistön of Murad remained an extremist faction Isis sex slaves in Iraq in 2014. He managed to escape three after a month in captivity and now lives in Germany.

mukwege’s work to be completed in 2015 in the movie “The Man Who mends all the Women”. Murad’s book, his own trials to be released in 2017.

norway’s king Harald, queen Sonja, crown princess Mette-Marit and crown prince was Haakon the Nobel peace prize at a party.Haakon Mosvold larsen / EPA

the Norwegian royal was the tradition of the celebration in Oslo. The spot were the king Harald , queen of Sonja as well as the crown prince of Hakon crown princess Mette-Marit .

norway’s queen Sonja and crown princess Mette-MaritBerit Roald / EPA

in Stockholm, in turn, handed over to the physics, chemistry, medicine and economic science Nobel prizes. Literature Nobel prize is this year shared, as in the background are the Swedish academy of shaken by scandals.

the Award decision to the Swedish academy, one member, Catherine frost enso , is married to court of appeal of rape sentenced the cultural influence Jean-Claud Arnault’n . Arnault’s legal process has shaken the academy and had several members resign or leave the job so far. The academy decided not to distribute literature Nobel prize this year, and postponed the selection until next year.

the Nobel laureates and the Swedish royal presentation of the prizes ceremony in Stockholm.Pontus Lundahl / EPA

in Stockholm the celebrations attended by the king of Sweden carl XVI Gustaf , queen of Silvia , crown princess Victoria and prince Daniel and prince Carl-Philip and the princess Sofia .

Economics Nobel prize received the american research William Nordhaus and Paul Romer . Nordhaus has been studying climate change and economic interaction. Nordhausin the 1990s the models developed are still used to assess how much carbon emissions should pay to climate lämepene where can be restricted. Romer, again, is known as economic growth and innovation as a researcher.

the Medicine prize was awarded to the american James P. Allison and japanese Tasuku Honjon . Winners research award board that revolutionized the cancer treatment.

the Chemistry prize Frances H. Arnold will receive his reward, the king of Sweden carl XVI piss under the Stockholm concert hall.Henrik Montgomery / EPA

the Chemistry prize was awarded to the american research Frances H. Arnold and George P. Smith as well as the british scholar Gregory P. Winter . They have made significant discoveries in enzyme research.

crown princess Victoria may of the chemistry Nobel prize winner George P. smith, the Nobel prize gala in Stockholm. Victoria is wearing her mother queen Silvia 23 years earlier in a similar gala used by the party dress.Fredrik Sandberg / EPA

the Nobel prize in Physics went to three researchers who have distinguished themselves in laser physics research. Award-winning are the american Arthur Ashkin , French Gérard mouru production and canadian Donna Strictland .

Physics nobel prize winner Donna Strickland receives award from Swedish king carl XVI piss under.Pontus Lundahl / EPA

Strictland made history, for he is 55 years, the first woman to get the Nobel prize in physics.

Princess Sofia and physics nobel laureate Gérard Mourou descend the stairs to a gala evening.Fredrik Sandberg / EPA

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