The sabotage for us: Vespa manufacturer Piaggio, the competition-scooter confiscate


    The manufacturer of the electric scooter Kumpan Electric raise serious allegations against the scooter giant Piaggio. Cause that the vehicles of the German at the EICMA motorcycle show had to be vacated in Milan from the Stand. The allegation of the authorities: The scooter “1954 Ri” is a plagiarism of the recently introduced electric Vespa “Elettrica”. The German Roller-Startup denies the allegation of sharp: “just in Time for the introduction at Europe’s largest motorcycle trade fair, the idea of the pioneer Kumpan Electric is sabotaged shamelessly. The relevant technical data such as range and acceleration of the new model make the sidekick one of the most powerful E-Scooter on the market and exceed the of the at the same time featured vehicle of the company Piaggio, the Vespa Elettrica”, – stated in the message of the company. Piaggio 6.390 euros cost on 1. November start end Vespa Elettrica

    Kumpan Electric is illegal Vespa-copy enough be

    “The baseless allegation on the part of Piaggio, in the Form of a criminal complaint without a judicial decision, the Design of the Vespa to imitate, our electric scooters by the Italian financial police ‘Guardia di Finanza’ seizures. Even more surprising to us that Piaggio wanted to let the vehicles directly to remove it. Rather than merely a vehicle for the examination, were taken contrary to the usual procedure, all of the cronies on the reproduction of Piaggio”, report of the staff of the scooter Startups.

    “There is no Similarity with respect to the vehicle-design, design and systems. This can be seen in the case of a thorough comparison of the specifications and performance data significantly”, stresses the crony-CEO Patrik Tykesson. He sees in the incident at the fair, a pretext, a large company wants to be a small competitors to discredit.


    The Vespa says maker Piaggio relies on request by FOCUS Online an Italian court ruling in 2017, after the Design of the Vespa is protected in its entirety as a trademark and not copied should be. You’ve fought already successfully against counterfeits from China that had been issued under the brand name “Ves” on the EICMA. Piaggio have sought, therefore, in the case of the Guardia di Finanza, the seizure of the Kumpan Electric scooter.

    FOCUS Online/Wochit 100 km range: this is the first electric-Vespa sv Kumpan Electric


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