The main indicator of the Spanish Stock market, the Ibex 35 , has uploaded today a 1,55 % and approaches 8.500 points driven by the advance of almost all of the values and the rebound of the main european places, although it remains in area of a minimum of 2016.

With the premium risk at 117 basis points, the selective Spanish added 129,80 units, that at 1.55 % – its largest advance since early November -, up to 8.493,70 integers, which reduces the annual losses to the 15,43 %, while in the last week of the year, a decline of 0.74 per cent.

The Spanish Stock exchange began the that is your last full session of 2018 with a rise of 0.26 per cent, after which on the eve ahondara in minimum August 2016, before the doubts of investors as to the direction that will take the global economic cycle in 2019.

Today it has been reported that the economy in Spain grew 0.6% in the third quarter, compared with the previous three months and that inflation has been closed, 2018 at 1.2 %, after easing to five tenths with respect to the rate of November.

parquet europeans have also finished to the upside, despite the fact that continue to open fronts as the trade war between the united States and China, or the negotiations on the Brexit.

Thus, the square of London has gained 2.27 per cent; Paris, a 1,74 %; Frankfurt, is 1.71 % and Milan, a 1,44 %, while the euro has risen to 1,144 usd.

On this day has also been known that the inflation year-on-year average 2018 slowed in Germany, up 1.9 %, compared with 1.7% in December.

In the commodities market, the price of a barrel of Brent crude, of reference in Europe, trading at 52,22 dollars (52,16 yesterday).

european stock markets also closed in green

The major parquet flooring, asian closed this morning with mixed results and the CSI 300 China came up 0.67 % and Hong Kong inched up 0.10 per cent, while Tokyo was left to 0.31 %, after news that unemployment in Japan rose 2.5% in November.

In the united States, where it continues to the political blockage on account of the partial closure of the Administration, Wall Street opened the session mixed, after which on the eve goes back and ended on the upside.

back to the Spanish market, the great values of the Ibex 35 have been finished to the upside, and Repsol, has won a 3,13 %; Santander, a 2,15 %; BBVA, a 2,11 %; Iberdrola, 1.35 %; Telefónica, 0.93% and Inditex, a 0,90 %.

The banking sector has also contributed to the rebound of the selective, since the Sabadell has appreciated of 3.27 %, the biggest rise of the Ibex 35; CaixaBank, a to 2.38 %; Bankia, a 1,85 %; Bankinter, a 1.75 %.

On the side of the losses have only been located Siemens, Gamesa, Acciona real Estate and Colonial, with cuts to 0.90 %, the figure of 0.39 % and 0.37 %, respectively.

In the continuous market, Pescanova has led the progress to pick up a 36,40 %, whereas Pharma Mar has yielded a 5,63 %.

it Also has highlighted the rise of 7.75% of the supermarket chain Day on your return to the market in the afternoon -after being suspended for a few hours-, after announcing the appointment of Borja de la Cierva, as ceo, replacing Antonio Coto, who had four months in office.

The variable income market Spanish has negotiated more than 1,800 million euros in shares.


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