The hikers got into the mountains in Need – now they want to sue their rescuers


of The 3. February was one of those days where the picturesque mountains can be the case in the Tannheimer valley to the deadly. In the thick of driving snow, and high avalanche danger, getting lost hiker quickly – as well as two Germans, who had to be brought on that day of February of the mountain rescue Tannheim. With a total of 15 forces, the men were finally found – exhausted, wet, and strong, freezing. You were supplied with warm drinks and dry clothes.

But instead of gratitude, the rescued hikers are now threatening with legal steps. You have announced to the mountain rescue sue. The reason is that the search party was significantly bigger than necessary and, therefore, the bill of 2261 Euro for the use. The Austrian “Kronen-Zeitung” reported.

lawsuit threat: “Deliberately inflated costs for tourists”

Therefore, the argument of the two Germans, one of whom is a lawyer in Augsburg, two mountain rescuers with a lamp would have been sufficient. For in their view, a disproportionate effort, you don’t want to pay for it. They are related according to the “image” in the consumer protection act. It had been “aware of the excessive costs for operations in the case of tourists,” the newspaper quoted from the Letter from the lawyer. to invest


climate change in the mountains

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