The Countess loved an oligarch because of his debts, she now loses the house and the furniture


    In the vicinity of the Kremlin to be made within a few years of incredible wealth, but even faster, you can disappear if you lose the favor of Vladimir Putin. Or is it the greed exaggerates. Alexandra Tolstoy witnessed the rise and the fall into nothingness in the surroundings of the new Tsar.

    The Countess, and the billionaire: Alexandra Tolstoy and Sergei Pugachev led a high-gloss life. In 2010, the dream ended. Pugatschows Bank Mezhprom collapsed, the other Empire of oligarchs sank in the whirlpool. Shipyards, land of the Kremlin – all gone.

    on top of that Pugachev was accused of millions of dollars from the funds embezzled, and had provided the state for the rescue of the Bank. That was unforgivable. The Oligarch is pursued since then, also in the foreign court, and his assets have been frozen.

    the long Arm of The Kremlin

    The wife of Alexandra Tolstoy also followed, because of Moscow’s efforts, the lost of money to collect, not make also before the London society size. Before now, the house in Chelsea is lost, along with of the furniture, the reception, the aristocrat claims a reporter of “the Telegraph”, the suffering and the injustices of that time.

    The home visit with the “fine English Rose” – as the author calls it – shows, you can also suffer from a high level. The lady of the house has just returned from a Ball in St. Petersburg. Fortunately, the nanny tames the young, so that the Countess, your visitor is able to offer a glass of champagne.

    insight into the oligarchs-life

    In the course of the visit, she gives insights into her life as a beloved of the oligarchs. Pugachev had promised to the marriage, she says, but only after the divorce from his wife – it never came. In spite of the houses in London and in Moscow, in St. Barts and on the Côte d’azur was the life in addition to the rich man is not easy.

    Pugachev was always “jealous of what, I was initially flattered, but then he was completely toxic, and I was punished for nothing”. She had been called: “whore, I know you’re sleeping with him.” Although the Oligarch – who himself came from a rather bawdy Cossack family had a Countess as a mistress, he went in front of the children about the “pathetic” aristocracy of funny. “He said to the children, I was only because of his money with him. What was so sad, because I was in love, completely in him.”

    TV-series “McMafia”

    stock market values, Sex-slaves, and naked force – the Russian Mafia reigns over London

    Gernot Kramper

    In his castle on the Cote D’azur as a prisoner lived. Her husband had locked away her passport, the security guards had the order to let you out of the house, she says. Until she left the man and France, and to domicile in London, fled.

    Pugachev himself sees this time differently. In a Statement, he wrote about Alexandra Tolstoy: “It turned out that her life goal was to gain luxury, wealth and Glamour…. She rarely spoke with the children. She had three girls working for you…. You stole the children and took them to France.”

    house, money, and jewelry are not then, beloved

    Who might now always be right: The biggest Problem of the Countess is the Ex-who pays her a Cent because she has him stolen from his point of view – the children. The greatest Problem of the Kremlin is adamant, in the world, the assets Pugatschows to collect. Unfortunately, not only keeps Alexandra Tolstoy the man, in the meantime, the fraudster, but also the judges. They came in 2017 to the view that a Foundation had been in favour of the children only a Trick of the assets against the access of the state to hide. Thus, the children lost their million-dollar assets – and the Countess, the representative house in Chelsea, including furniture. The Russian Federation should already have and according to the key asked called.

    Alexandra Tolstoy had to learn to adapt. Instead of Private Jet, you will need the services of a cheap airline. To make matters worse, should also have the jewelry of Tolstoy in the value of 150,000 euros was stolen. The last nest egg is gone.

    The Countess is now organized adventure travel – the business should at least start promising.

    source: the Telegraph

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