Glass walls, glass balconies, and a transparent bi-fold doors to the deck – “The California” to be a Yacht of superlatives. The ambitious project of the Norwegian designer Kurt strand from the city of Narvik is one of his most recent designs.

from the dimensions of the 135 meters, stands out long and 19 metres wide vessel of the usual yachts. More from the creative concept: it starts with the vertical bow, the curved line guide to the inner values of the 8000 tons of large vehicle.

high-tech ship in Hamburg,

Around the globe without using a drop of fuel

By Till Bartels

The steel – and aluminium construction, is powered diesel-electric and can glide thanks to the 60-ton lithium battery is also up for five hours silently at a reduced speed of 11 knots per hour through the water. Solar cells supply the batteries with power, as a Motor of three Azipods, three in a flow of cheap 360 degree rotating gondola serve under the ship’s hull-mounted Propeller mounted.

cost of construction: 400 million euros

the Megayacht is Designed for only 24 guests. You have a private cinema hall, a bowling alley and three swimming Pools available, one of them with a swell. Other Features include a cascading waterfall, multiple Decks in the rear, and a helicopter landing space on the foredeck. By the Elevator to the Yacht associated with helicopter can disappear in the belly of the ship.

The cost for the luxury yacht, according to information supplied by the beach Craft at the equivalent of 400 million euros. “The largest mega-yacht shipyards in the world have already shown interest in this project and are ready to implement it,” says the 55-year-old Designer.

On the following pages in the photo we show other edge of the ring mega-yacht, “The California route at the top”.

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