Sukhoi Superjet 100: The Albtraumjet the Russians


The Sukhoi Superjet 100 is the most Modern of the Russian aviation industry, civil Airlines. The new development of this Millennium, aimed at a segment of the market for aircraft with just under 100 seats and two engines, in the worldwide, there are only a few providers: Embraer in Brazil, with the smaller machines of the E-series and Bombardier in Canada the Canadair regional jet.

Therefore, had the Russians pinned great hopes on the two-engined regional jet. He should be an export hit. But of the 186-produced Sukhoi Superjet 100, the most only fly for Russian airlines and Airlines in the CIS countries. The exceptions are the Mexican Interjet and Cityjet in Ireland. To belong to the fleets of both airlines multiple copies of the super jets, the don’t stand out, however, as often as planned.

Sukhoi: Anything other than super

As one of the few Western companies, Cityjet 2015 had ordered a total of 15 Sukhoi super jets, and the first machine in may of 2016. The business model provides that Cityjet flies on behalf of other Airlines or their planes to other rents. Last happened in 2017 with Brussels Airlines. The subsidiary of Lufthansa, was looking for a replacement for their elderly Avro RJ 100 and three super jets of Cityjet rented, and later even three more.

tragedy in Moscow

the Pilot explains the disastrous emergency landing

the passengers of the Russian Jet was allegedly good. Less with the Airline. after a short time the lesion has been completed. “It is a new plane. There is still little experience with him,” quoted the “Aerotelegraph” a member of staff from Brussels. “When a Problem arises, it is necessary to put the Superjet longer still, until it is solved.”

Behind them, the spare part problem. Repairs will take, in contrast to the aircraft of other manufacturers, in the case of the Superjet longer. As a result, the operational readiness of the regional jets is reduced significantly. Two years ago, the Russian newspaper “Vedomosti” reported that the Sukhoi super jets in Russia can only be 3 to 3.7 hours per day. In General, nine hours are considered to be effective. In the case of cheap airlines, the machines are up to 13 hours in the air.

Brussels Airlines is not prolonged the contract with Cityjet. In November 2018, it was said, that a number of Sukhoi Jets to come in the route network of Adria Airways from 2019. However, the airline of Slovenia, has just need to its route network significantly along strike and is reviewed because of their financial situation from the Slovenian authorities. At the beginning of April has now been placed in the Leasing business with the super jets ad acta.

high-Maintenance super jets

The supply of spare parts is also slow, especially since not all the components are “made in Russia”. About ten percent of the components, such as, for example, the chassis, the auxiliary gas turbine, the on-Board electronics or the fire-extinguishing system are purchased from companies in the United States. The restrictive sanction policy of the US government so that it has influence on the sales success of the Russenjets: The Iranian airlines, Iran Airtour and Iran Aseman Airlines had ordered 20 machines.

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New special liveries: Lufthansa against the Brexit

By Till Bartels

The bad Support of the Sukhoi flies has led to the Mexican Airline Interjet, to bitter consequences. The first, established in 2005, low-cost airlines, which once had 22 Jets in use. Now you can fly with only one-third. Too many copies are on the ground and waiting for spare parts. Two new Jets are already being exploited: they serve technicians as a spare part warehouse.

For Aeroflot is the Superjet however is a business: The Russian airline has secured, according to a report in the newspaper “” contractual compensation payments: The Airline conceded by Sukhoi per day and a fancy machine to 12,000 US dollars. “In fact, it is for Aeroflot to more profitable flying due to an outage,” said a Insider to the newspaper.



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