Seeing and Understanding: whence comes the mother’s day?


    unlike what is often recounted of the mother’s day is not an invention of the Nazis. Although these took advantage of him (like many others) for their ideological Propaganda, honouring in may, the some child-rearing Aryan woman, but the roots of this day date back to medieval England. There king Henry III in the 13th century. Century, the “Mothering Day” was introduced.

    when is mother’s day?

    After the Tradition was in between of a century asleep, she lived in the United States in the early 20th century. Century on the Initiative of the American Anna Jarvis. From there, the day managed to make it back across the Atlantic to Europe and finally also in Germany to a permanent Institution. the mother’s day falls in this country is always on the second Sunday in may . A holiday, he is not, by the way – with a second rumor clean up.

    A more detailed history, please see the below info graphic, a Blurb here:

    1907: On the second Sunday of may, the American Anna Jarvis’s friends invites you to her house to commemorate her two years previously deceased mother. It comes up with the idea to establish a special day for all mothers. the 1908 is committed to the “Mother’s Day” for the first time with a worship service. the 1914: U.S. President Wilson declared mother’s day a national holiday, and sets the second Sunday in may as a date. the 1922: During the Weimar Republic, the “Association of German flowers business owners” the mother’s day propagated. the 1923: is The mother’s day will be introduced in the German Reich. the 1933: The national socialists make the day a national holiday. They use it for their ideology. the 1949: is The mother’s day in Germany is not a public holiday. In the Federal Republic of he is committed. In the GDR to celebrate the international women’s day, 8. March.


    explains See The star info graphic from the series, “and Understand”, where mother’s day comes from and how it developed.

    ©star infographic, Fun Facts for mother’s day

    In the mother’s day week, the German florist to put about twice as much as in a normal week: 120 million Euro.

    For the majority of the German Who still has a mother, giving her something to honor the day. It is mostly flowers.


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