Rip-off abroad, The expensive Euro-case to withdraw the money


If tourists want to cash withdraw in foreign currency, sometimes up to 13.7 per cent more due. These additional costs arise, if the ATM the offer is accepted, the amount in the home currency. But be careful: This exchange rate is usually much worse than the rate that the home Bank bills at home.

the Trick with The “instant translation” is also offered for Paying with the credit card in the business. To these and other Euro-Fall in the June issue of the journal “financial test”. For the contribution of 30 testers in six Euro and 23 Non – Euro-countries. They had lifted off with a Girocard or a credit card, money and purchases paid.

Bad exchange rates, high fees

Often the card Issuer’s request to withdraw are also fees for Cash and Convert. But in Turkey, there are also positive examples for the machine use by foreign tourists: Halkbank, Yapi Kredi and Ziraat Bank do not charge any fees and do not force the user to immediate conversion to Euro.

money in the holidays

These means of payment are best for travel

By Till Bartels

Outside Europe, the ATM operator fees which will be called when the input process. This drop is too high, advises, “financial test” to abort and a Bank Visit automaton with no fees.

Who is a lot of traveling abroad, you should get a credit card, the use of which costs no or only low fees. The article “Costly Euro-case” lists in a table the corresponding banks like DKB or 1822direkt-banking, using their cards to Pay or withdraw money with less costs.

As an Alternative financial test is recommended “” the saving card of the Postbank, with the travelers at ATMs with the Plus sign for free money in the national currency can withdraw – but only four Times in the year without additional fees.

The complete Test, with the comparison table “to withdraw cash from ATMs in a foreign currency” fee on

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