Right in the middle of the Song: tears-appearance of DJ Ötzi in ARD-new year’s eve show


    the tears-appearance of DJ Ötzi in ARD-new year’s eve show

    22.22 at: Great feelings in the new year’s eve show with Jörg Pilawa. On the occasion of his 2019 forthcoming 20-year jubilee on stage, DJ Ötzi was celebrated in the ARD duly. Old companions and friends, the musicians surprised the Austrians and played some of the biggest Hits of the stars, like “Anton aus Tirol” or “A Stern (der deinen Namen trägt)”. As Schlager-mate Florian Ast sang, finally, the Piano together with the DJ Ötzi Song “grandfather”, fins to the Austrians during the song several times, the tears. Again and again he put the glasses and wiped the tears of emotion from the face and presenter Jörg Pilawa finally fell in the arms. Screenshot ARD

    Florian silver iron should not have wanted the separation of Helene Fischer

    10.10 am: not even two weeks Florian silbereisen and Helene Fischer made their separation public. Now the “Colorful confesses” that he had not wanted the separation. But she was also supposed to have the separation made easy. From the environment of the singer, the magazine wants to have know that many tears will be shed.

    The two musicians are said to have already separated in October. After that, you would have needed, however, time for themselves, which is why she informed the Fans in December on the step. Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer were for ten years a Couple of. For silver, the iron, the love even went under the skin, he had a Tattoo with Helene’s face on the upper arm stinging.

    Sunday, 30. December 2018 at the latest, 02.07 PM: The US actress and singer Jennifer Lopez feels in spite of all the success is often uncertain and in doubt. “Are You Kidding? Every Day! That’s everyone, is it?” the 49-Year-old said the “Bild am Sonntag”. Self-confidence needs to grow. The come with age. “In my twenties I was totally unsure. My appearance, my Body, my singing.” Everything you’ve questioned. You have never the feeling that they had arrived to 100 percent. There is still a bit of room to improve.

    in Addition, she knows that she is their role model. “I’m never going anywhere up the stairs drunk to fall down,” said Lopez. Rather, they lead “a responsible life, too, because I know that I am a Person of the Public”. Today, your children would be in the first place. “Nothing makes me more proud than the Moment in which my kids tell me I’m the best mom in the world. This title I carry with much Pride in front of me,” said the mother of ten-year-old twins.

    Max and Emme are from Lopez’s marriage to singer Marc Anthony. The Couple separated a few years after the birth of the children. Currently, Lopez is in a relationship with former baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

    In the FOCUS Online/Glomex “I’m Single”: Sylvie Meis makes a relationship with a new man officially ak/dpa music to the cinema film Stars


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