The British government wants to prevent refugees from France, at the port of entry. The English channel is to be monitored.

members of the border guard patrol in the port of Dover on a boat photo: Reuters

AMSTERDAM taz | According to the most recent boat Crossings of Refugees, the situation is exacerbated by the English channel: the British interior Minister Sajid Javid called on new year’s eve, two patrol boats of the UK Border Force from the Mediterranean sea, the busy Straits of Dover. In the future, you should monitor the connection between Britain and the mainland. With his French counterpart Christophe Castaner agreed Javid in addition, a plan of action.

Javid, the broke off due to the clandestine ship passages in his vacation, had. previously, against border patrols fought back, the would to boot rather lead to more Refugee Alone about Christmas, more than 80 persons attempted the Crossing, the cold water is due to currents, high ship traffic and in winter very dangerous. Politicians and residents expressed their concern that it could come in the channel to death.

Also on new year’s eve morning, twelve people, the Iranians expenses reached with a Dinghy on a beach southwest of Folkestone, including two women and a ten-year-old child. They were provided with medical treatment and by the immigration authority questioned. On Sunday, six people arrived by boat in the vicinity of Dover. Also, you said to originate from Iran, like most of the nearly 240 migrants, reached since November, the coast of the County of Kent.

This number might be related to the visa policy of the Serbian government. Until October, the Iranians could enter without a visa. British media reports estimated 40,000 Iranians, which would have made use of it. Around 12,000 will not be returned.

For the Attempts to cross the channel, are probably Smuggling networks responsible. Iranian Refugees have the means to pay their prices. A University lecturer, the French coastguard and brought back to Calais, reported the Times of London that he had paid 3,000 euros to go to England.

The majority of those who endure, even two years after the evacuation of the “Jungle” of Calais on the French coast, are destitute and are trying to reach by Truck to the other side. The French police grants regular small Camps in the vicinity of Calais and Dunkerque and is also violent. Combined with the increasingly difficult Crossing by Truck and the Brexit, this Situation makes boats to an Alternative – for those who can pay.

Regardless of the dynamics of the last weeks, the concept of “Migrants Crisis”, the British politicians and the media use appears to be a powerful caliber for a few hundred migrants who dared to make the Crossing. In order to protect them from exploitation by smugglers, according to interior Minister Javid, bring one of the patrol boats in the channel.


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