Pan Am has always been more than just a transport company, the first global airline, a brand with a beam of force, the flying Ambassador of the United States, and the embodiment of the American dream.

25 years after the Bankruptcy, the legend lives on. As a Retro Design on bags, T-Shirts and coffee mugs. In the Berlin Europa center there is a Pan On the Lounge for parties. Old porcelain and glass from the First Glass with the engraved Logo of the airline to be traded for the highest prices. In Miami, a Shop, the original Pan-exists-On-memorabilia sold.

aviation history between the covers of a book

The colorful history of Pan American World Airways, the transport was also for decades in Berlin before the fall of the wall on the go, is now in a wonderful book to understand: “Pan Am: History, Design & Identity” of the German Matthias C. Hühne. He managed to acquire a collection of promotional materials, photographs, and hundreds of posters to document the history of the Airline for the first time in a 432-page thick book.

100 years of British Airways

As before in First Class served was

By Till Bartels

in 2015, the man had shown with the “Airline Visual Identity 1945-1975”, as he is capable of as a publisher maximum bibliophile books in the best reproduction quality in the case of Callisto Publishers to produce. The new book has the focus on only one Airline, and now encompasses a much broad period: the rise and fall of Pan Am from 1927 to 1991.

So he has written a cultural history of one of the most important airline in the world, but also about the history of air travel, and the Aesthetics of American Modernism.

Even the decades-old advertising campaigns and assets, with its exotic motifs to arouse the color posters to date, the Wanderlust. When you scroll, and read in the English-speaking accompanying texts for reminders to be awake. In this book, and not only in the TV series “Pan Am,” which originally ran in 2011 on ABC and later on German TV, lives on in the legend.

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