Of 70,000 Euro to 50. Birthday for child-free women – a wonderful idea!


    Verena brunhilde Schweiger is experienced in your circle of friends, as the children master the world of thought of parents and, thus, also every table. In the “Overture” of your book, “child-free instead of childless” describes the vain attempt to find it on the birthday celebration of a friend is a different issue as a pacifier and diapers. And the response of mothers when they criticized frustrated with the limited selection of topics: the lives of children change. The reaction reflects the societal View that still prevails: It is not unpopular, as a woman become a mother. As a child there was only the life of a woman with a sense. Not to be a father, however, is not a Problem. Some men care for other things …


    “child-free instead of childless” by Verena brunhilde Schweiger, Büchner-Verlag, 150 pages, 16 Euro.


    A bit of anger, a trace of cynicism and a pinch of humour to underpin the “Manifesto” of brunhilde Schweiger. “Some have just never bothered about ‘normal’ gradients reflect. School, Study, Marriage, House, Child. That’s how the own parents and what is wrong with that?”, she sums up the prevailing consensus and not to find arguments, which demonstrate, what’s wrong with it. One aspect, for example, was Nachhhaltigkeit, she writes: “We already have a hard-to-crowded, troubled planet and each additional child is not charged to him in many ways, but continue this cycle, perhaps.” The subjects of waste, air, soil and drinking water are available at the top of the list.

    The image of women corresponds to the “reproduction-winner”

    brunhilde Schweiger of women calls for, to decide consciously against the prevailing clichés – from the breast enlargement by means of silicone till the birth. And both the risk as well as the loss of money, time and effort to make it clear. Male dominance and media brainwashing meant that women believed THEY wanted a bigger chest, YOU wanted a child. What sounds at breast augmentation immediately comprehensible to irritate the reader, first, in the case of Brunhilde Schweiger’s claim, the desire to have children and questioning, and to decide against their own children. A reason may be this: “Some women can convince themselves to be without a child, not fully a woman.”

    The feminist commitment Brunhilde Schweiger’s is as instructive as it is entertaining. The approach of the Club of Rome, an Association of experts committed to sustainability, should each inspire mother: “calls for a premium of $ 80,000 for child-free women – to pay off at 50. Birthday. I think that’s a wonderful idea.” Urgently should ask politicians whether a non – “compliant-conservative” approach would be a way for the equality of women. Time would time.


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