On a 16-hour flight of the Australian airline Qantas from Los Angeles to Melbourne, there was a tragic incident, According to Reports in the Australian newspaper “Herald Sun” and of the transmitter Channel 9, a 34-year-old woman died during the flight. In spite of the rapid help of the flight crew and two Doctors aboard the plane, nothing could be for the wife done.

the machine of The type Airbus A380 had to land at the airport Tullamarine between where the woman was received by paramedics. A spokesman for Qantas called the incident tragic and said about the assistance of Doctors and paramedics: “We are very grateful for their support,” such as the “Herald Sun” writes.

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heart attack on the plane – the Crew fights to save the life of passengers

By Till Bartels friend: “I’m on the ground

destroys” The exact cause of death is still unclear. The police in the Australian state of Victoria told Channel 9 that the investigation results would be available after an autopsy of the 34-year-old woman. According to “Daily Mail” described friends of the young woman as a “happy and healthy”. There is no pre-existing conditions or other diseases were known, the newspaper said.

According to friends, the 34-year-old was flown several times on this Route. In the social networks like Facebook or Instagram, their friends, their grief had free rein: “I’m devastated. I’m going to miss it, as you have made my day embellished. I’ll miss your funny stories.”, quoted the “Daily Mail” one of your friends.

deaths that occurred during a scheduled flight are very rare, however. The most common medical emergencies heart attacks, strokes, or ingestion of food or objects. The risk of thrombosis and consequent embolism on flights is greater, since because of the narrow seats and little movement possibilities of the danger of blood clots from forming. In the worst case, can loosen the clot and in the lungs, the heart or the brain, Hiking.

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