Money does not smell but: Beagle Luke smells million sum


Luke, on the ears, and whines impatiently, for he knows: Now the work begins. Or, rather, his favorite game. The three-year-old German shepherd, according to the customs of a very special specialist. Currently the only controls on human-trained cash-sniffing dog in Germany. For half a year, Luke spies in the state order, travelers at Duesseldorf airport. On his harness it is white on black: inch.

“Search!”, dog handler Sabine moor, 36 commands. This is the longed-for Signal. Now, no one is coming over to Luke, he has not subjected, with the many millions of olfactory cells in its high-performance nose-a detailed odor control. It only takes a second. Most of the passengers do not register so quickly, that they were controlled. “No, we have not noticed,” says a mother to demand, which has happened to the dog just. Or you suspect that there is in Luke, as two young men on the way to your machine, a drug-sniffing dog.

Beagle Luke erschnupperte already 1.2 million

“nose work is an absolute hard work,” says customs spokesman Michael Walk. In its first six months of service time Luke did sniff out at the airport already, a total of 1.2 million euros. At 21 passengers, Luke showed that they have a suspiciously large sum of cash.

Since 2007, more than 10,000 euros in cash must be to the customs authorities, when they are brought into or out of the EU. So you want to wash the financing of Terrorism, money and crime such as drug trafficking more difficult. But it is also a Hartz 4 receiver can get in trouble if he is caught with a larger amount of cash from Luke. “He can’t, of course, be 9990 Euro 10,000, it all depends on the denomination,” says moor. In addition, he does not know whether the displayed amount is properly registered. So in the end everything had with the 1.2 million euros he erschnupperte so far, in order.

Because almost every passenger Bank notes to, and Luke only sums over 10,000 euros track, he is trained to thicker bundles of Money. What he smells is the special combination of money-printing inks and of the paper of the banknotes. Because money stinks. “Each currency, even smells different,” says moor. Your dog is trained to Euro, US Dollar, British pound and Turkish Lira.

number of funds in the business

bye cash – the German figures for the first time with map

DPA For Luke strict rules

to apply Suddenly yelps, Luke, barks short and nudges with his fine nose for a young woman. Then he sits in front of you. Julia Janssen, 20, is not come to hatch over. The 25,000 Euro cash in the pocket of her sweater were her undoing. But the inch-candidate is only a “bait” for Luke. Test passed.

for 20 minutes, Luke can sniff the passenger flows at the airport. Then he urgently needs an equally long Pause. What distinguishes him, and the shortlist has come, whether its low aggressiveness, says moor. So close to the traveler, Luke is allowed to snap shut when a passenger makes a Jumpy movement or a child’s hand reaches for him. “Children fortunately, no matter,” says the dog handler, while several enthusiastic young children of families waiting crowds to the animal. Conversely, the opposite is true: Small children seems to be the 40-kilogram German shepherd dog in spite of its impressive size magically attract.

For his eleven-tracker-colleagues do at the airport behind the Scenes in the Luggage area of your service, do not apply such stringent requirements. You are allowed to nibble on the suitcases at least a little bit, drooling, and scratching, if you have something smells.

professionally: Luke does not distract from the work

Once in the year of the dog for the performance test. Then, it is checked whether or not he is able to cope with the requirements, or in dogs-pension. At the age of three, he is, however, a young customs dog. “We hope that he’ll sniff out a few million in the next few years,” says customs spokesperson Walk.

Not all of them are by Luke as enthusiastic as the children in the Waiting area. To some it is visibly uncomfortable, his wet nose comes so close. But this is inevitable, to smell, the dog is reliably hidden Bank notes. There were also passengers with so much afraid of dogs that they do not trust absolutely to Luke over. “We have to control it manually,” says Walk. Because the fear could only be led to believe, in order to escape the control. As soon as Luke has caught your scent a little, he gets a reward: his bright green Ball. To him, he is allowed to chew. A Sausage sandwich him against the cold, when he is in the service, assured the Ethiopians. With a suitcase full of dried fish, a traveller recently from Africa had brought with him, he’d been very curious, but did not appear. “At work, he hides everything else.”

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