I can actually stand on the stairs and throw søppelsekken and hit søppeldunken to the neighbor on the other side of the road.

Bjerke cottage just by the E134 in Vinje, telemark. On the other side of the road timber renovasjonsbilen both black and green dunk in them that are inhabitants in the municipality.

Because she is hyttebuar get her not to have the dunk, by the way, but need to add the black søppelsekken in the trunk and drive a mile to the nearest hyttecontainer in Edland. Nevertheless, pay the ho and the locals next door the same price for the renovation.

the Major differences between winners and

NRK has investigated the price you have to pay for hytterenovasjon in the five largest hyttekommunane, and found large differences between winners and.

Turn up the price of hyttesøppel

– It started with 500 million in the year, and then increased it to about 1000 dollars. I thought it was useful to pay a little to get rid of the garbage, even though I have to drive a little extra, ” says Gunn Bjerke.

But in 2018 changed Vinje municipality renovasjonsgebyret, so that they who have hytterenovasjon all must pay the standard subscription, which is on the 2479,89 money.

It accused the I on, for I think not I use the cabin so much that I will pay full renovation. But I received a rejection.

Gunn Bjerke is alone, and has not so much trash they must throw. Nevertheless she must pay the standard renovasjonsgebyr in Vinje, telemark.

Photo: Ragnar Lurås / NRK Should invest in source segregation

Technical manager in Vinje, Åge Verpe, says that the municipality has equal renovasjonsavgift for locals and hytteeigarar, because promised to give occasion to it. He shows that the municipalities in the Lower Buskerud has introduced the same.

– We had a different fee in relation to the standard of the cabins. But it is not in line with the central føringar. We can not have a different fee on the basis of the standard.

Verpe says that the municipality has a lot of residual waste per innbyggar, and most come from hytteeigarane. Therefore the municipality shall invest much in source segregation in hyttefelta next year.

Technical manager in Ringsaker municipality, Tor Martinsen, think the municipality has a good overview of how much waste is collected from hyttefelta.

Photo: Halvor Mykleby / NRK Pay for the use of the cabin

the Country’s largest hyttekommune is Ringsaker in Hedmark.

Technical manager in Ringsaker municipality, Tor Simonsen, says that the price of the renovation is seen utifrå how much garbage be cast.

– Cost of hytterenovasjon is a separate accounting, and will be different than the cost of the renovation from hushaldningane.

For hytteeigarane means reduced renovasjonsavgift.

– It is less used, is considered to have a lower fee than that which is more occupied.

But the Ringsaker municipality has started a review of the renovasjonsordninga for fritidsbustader with respect to the fee, reception, and source segregation.


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