It is the prelude to one of the most extensive restructuring measures of the German railway. Until shortly before Christmas of 2019 construction will take on the 1991 put into operation high-speed line between Hanover and Göttingen.

This is the first section of the 327-kilometre-long high-speed line through the Federal States of lower Saxony, Hesse and Bavaria: With the opening of the route Hannover -Würzburg travel from Hamburg was reduced before the age of 28 to 2 hours and 10 minutes.

exchange of 243.000 concrete sleepers

The on 11. June started totally blocking between Hannover and Göttingen was required because after years of long and high-frequency duration of the track operation must be renewed infrastructure. On the 89 kilometres, among other things, 243.000 concrete sleepers, 405,000 tons of gravel, 47 switches and their actuators replaced as well as nine tunnels and eight Viaducts renovated.


The Zoom of the graph, click on the arrows to the right below: the renewal of The ICE line between Hanover and Würzburg, from 2019 to 2023.

©DB communication, regional office Hamburg

By the blocking of the ICE lines from Hamburg in the direction of the South with the lines 20, 22, 25 and 26 and from Berlin, the lines 12 and 13 are affected. These trains will be diverted via the old route in the Leine valley, which makes it comes to travel time between 20 and 60 minutes. For Hamburger, the ICE-journey is now to Munich between 6:13 and 6:44 hours – almost as long as the detour via Berlin.


construction telephone: Tel. 0800 5 99 66 55 (free of charge)

The additional time spent is already in the Online timetables of the train indicated. However, not applicable in the case of the lines 15, 20 and 22 of the Stop in Fulda. For the consolation of the Berlin-travellers between Frankfurt am Main and the capital city, the web can be your ICE-Sprinter all day in Two-hour intervals with increased capacity to circulate.

commuters in the Regional and S-Bahn-traffic affected

The construction also have a significant impact on the regional traffic in the South of lower Saxony, on the timetables of the metronome-trains to Northeim and Göttingen, the line RB82 to Kreiensen and the line RB86 to Einbeck. The trains of S-Bahn with the numbers S21 (Barsinghausen to Hannover) and S51 (Hameln-Hannover-bismarckstraße) is complete.

train is delayed – money-back

Deutsche Bahn: these are your rights as a train driver

By Till Bartels

Until the end of the year to rule on the important North-South axis of the railway in Germany, back to normal operations, however, only until the spring of 2020: From 23. April 2020, the section of Göttingen will be rehabilitated to Kassel.

This route is mainly due to the approach of the pretzel seller in which the customer is known. The construction work will take a good half a year. 2022 the route to the renewal then follows the route Fulda-Würzburg and 2023 it comes to the fast railway line between Kassel and Fulda.

as of 2024 is likely to roll the rail to the South again as usual.

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