Lægedøtre reveals: Our father did Trump a favor, so he avoided the Vietnam war


    A deceased fodlæge arranged that the current us president, Donald Trump, avoided being sent to the nightmare of the war in Vietnam, which culminated eventually in the 1960s.

    It claims the doctor’s two daughters in each case to the newspaper The New York Times.

    Moreover, it sounds in the sensational article that Donald Trump avoided the war, as a result of the doctor did Donald Trumps father, Fred Trump, a service.

    According to Elysa Braunstein, 56, and her sister Sharon Kessel, 53, was a recurring tale from their father, Larry Braunstein, that he made sure that Donald Trump remained on american soil, while the 58,000 farmers lost their lives in the southeast asian country.

    “It was a familieberetning. It was something we would always talk about,” says Elysa Braunstein to the newspaper.

    According to The New York TImes got Donald Trump as the 22-year-old in 1968, the diagnosis of heel spurs – a irritationstilstand due to the load of tendons and muscles under the foot.

    Thus he avoided completely the risk of being issued in the military.

    The two lægedøtres claim sounds now that their father drew up the paper that declared Donald Trump unsuitable to the war between the UNITED states and the communist north vietnam, to be in the tops of Fred Trump.

    Larry Braunstein rented its office of the developer have Peace Trump.

    And so it was to keep on good terms with Fred Trump, who was a popular landlord, to Larry Braunstein helped to ensure that the president would not be issued.

    “I know, it was a service,” says Elysa Braunstein.

    According to Elysa Braunstein has her father told before his death in 2007 that Donald Trump, who later became known in the media as flamboyant hotel and casinoejer, not had physical ailments, that could disqualify him from the war.

    But she is unsure whether her father ever made a proper investigation of Donald Trump.

    There is no found documents that support døtrenes statements, and The White House has not commented on the story.

    Donald Trump has in 2016, hinted that he is in possession of the papers, confirming the hælsporen.

    The documents have never been handed over.


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