Kita must be open for a long time, until parents can pick up the child after work


    For your one – to three-year-old children parents do not have the only claim to a place in a kindergarten. The city needs to provide, under certain circumstances, to ensure that the nursery has opened so long that the can agree on, the parents with their working and commuting time, decided by the administrative court of Aachen.

    It draws the attention of the working group family law of the German bar Association (DAV). In this specific case, required by the parents for their one-year old child to a childcare place from Monday to Friday in the time from 8 to 17 o’clock. The city, however, offered only a place to 16.30. The parents filed a lawsuit in summary proceedings on a place according to your care needs.

    With success: The city is obliged to provide for the child a place in a kindergarten, with a weekly service time of 45 hours. It must be ensured that in terms of time to the individual care needs of the child and his parent or guardian is complied with, the court.


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