Italy’s parliament approves the budget law for breach of EU


    Italy has rewritten its budget in agreement with the EU. Saturday it has been approved in parliament’s lower house of parliament.

    the lower House of Italy’s parliament Saturday evening adopted a controversial state budget, which is amended after disagreements with the EU.

    the Approval happens just before the deadline by the new year.

    the Budget, which is put forth by the regeringspartnerne in Femstjernebevægelsen and the right-wing party the League was passed by 327 votes to 228 votes against.

    the Vote took place as a tillidsafstemning, but means in practice that the budget is adopted.

    The final vote on the budget is due to take place later on Saturday or Sunday. But it is regarded as a formality.

    Lillejuleaftensdag was the contentious budget approved in the Italian senate.

    Italy got the green light for its budget from the EU-Commission in Brussels, five days before christmas. It happened after months of dispute between the government in Rome and the commission.

    It means that there will be launched a so-called edp was against the big EU-country. This could have led to heavy sanctions.

    When Italy two months ago presented its proposal, it was initially rejected by the commission. This is the first time ever that it has happened in the EU framework.

    and Then tried the italians with a new version of the budget, which was also rejected. But the third offering, which contained several changes went through.

    The first proposal gave rise to big discussions, because it laid up for a budget deficit of 2.4 percent.



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