passengers passengers can be a nuisance. A survey of 2000 passengers in the UK revealed. But which of the passengers is annoying the most? It is under the passenger types, neither the liver, nor the Sweaty or permanent backrests-back plate: With 74 percent of the children who come to climb aboard or against the seat landed on the most unpopular place. Right behind it quengelnde babies has an average of 61 percent, as the Daily Mail reported.

How bad is the flight with an hour long screaming child can be, is illustrated by a Video that was uploaded already by the end of August 2017 on Youtube, but it is only now due to the proliferation in social networks that caused a sensation. Under the title “the Child Screams demonic sounds for 8 hrs” documented jumps in the Clip, as already before the Start of a three year old over the seats and running the tip of screams emits.

passenger types, part 1

This is the worst seat neighbors on a plane

By Till Bartels

the View of the five minutes duration of the film is exhausting, but that’s nothing compared to the hours-long ordeal during the TRANS-Atlantic flight. Allegedly, the child has all the time to New York by screaming. More than 4.5 million Times, the contribution of the exasperated fellow travelers was called.

A survey by the travel search engine Skyscanner, under 5700 passengers in Europe showed that the little troublemakers are perceived from country to country. Accordingly, most at 40 percent of the respondents are English children at the unpopular – to the Spanish (27 percent) and Italian (16.4 percent). German Kids were perceived as far less disturbing (5.6 percent). A particularly well-behaved impression the Little one out of Sweden and Denmark.

Airlines has on children

However, in General, extend flights with children without any major problems. Because most parents adjust to the common journey, and you have matching toys, stuffed animals, a reading book, and important items such as drops against any ears, pain in the hand Luggage.


children’s menus are to be submitted at least 24 hours before departure by phone or ordered online.


Also, almost all of the airlines are set to children. With the exception of some cheap-Airline on longer flights, special children’s menus should be pre-booked up to 24 hours before departure. Also, the “passengers of Tomorrow” by the Crew, with little Surprises such as cards and Memory Games, Puzzles, and crayons and coloring pages spoiled.

Apps for the kids on Board

As particularly helpful, the digital in-flight Entertainment turns out. On display in the backrest of the seats in long-haul machines can be found on children of different age classes tailored films, Video and radio plays. Just the Generation that grew up with Tablets, can do so for hours.


Distracted by the entertainment program on Board: Kids with the remote control in your hands.

©Singapore Airlines

Air France has even developed its own App “Kids”, parents can download before the flight for the Smartphone, Tablet, or iPad. At Lufthansa, there are the free Apps “Super Jet Friends” and “departure” as well as on the Homepage of many tips for traveling with the family.

The most Important thing for hand Luggage

the other fellow-Feeling, nevertheless, the end of children disturbed, “try the flight attendants in talks with the passengers, to clarify the children and the parents of this Problem,” says the press spokesperson of the airline, KLM, to the star on request. “Often, it helps to serve the meals to the children earlier, because they may be hungry, or with a toy to distract.”

passenger types, part 2

This is the worst seat neighbors on a plane

By Till Bartels

In the course of their training, will be trained in the flight attendants for situations of this kind. The most important thing you should have when traveling with children, however, in the carry-on Luggage, “Serenity”, a mother writes in to read the Condor to the values Blog.

not When it comes however, with children with behavior problems on a flight, difficulties, as in the Youtube Clip, are actually the children of the Problem, but the parents who want to give their offspring too little attention, or no limits.

check-list for flights with children’s favorite snacks with have games, art supplies, reading books and Spare clothes in carry-on Luggage, thick socks for long-haul flights empty water bottle (“drink a lot”) to pack, but only after the safety control of children’s food does not fill the pre-order nose drops against ear pain baby bed (“baby bassinet”) for children under 10 kilograms of reserve, the intermediate wall is inserted helps babies depends on will breast-feeding against frequently in the descent, occurring in pain in the ear cell phone/MP3 Player with music and radio plays, common Seating to have pre-order slots (mostly for a fee)your Own headphones forget the Crystal Cabin Awards in 2019: These inventions, the air travel, revolutionize, even in Economy Class Fullscreen

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The Skycouch in a few rows of the Economy Class with Air New Zealand for some time. Now the flying bed has been extended by some Features: Special seat belts allow, that even babies and small children are safely on the fold-out bed.

©Air New Zealand

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