Laura Jacques would have done anything to touch his soft muzzle again. To see the faithful face once again. When she talks about him, the sparkle in your eyes. The pain is still there. Almost three years after his death. The eight-year-old Boxer was Laura’s first dog, and Everything to her. No matter where the Englishwoman from Yorkshire, went, Dylan was at her side. He was her soul mate. Be your best friend. However, in June 2015 at the Golden Boxer with the faithful brown eyes was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor – the Doctors give the gentle four-legged friends are only six to eight to live for ten months. The diagnosis is a shock for Laura. A life without Dylan is not conceivable.


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Only nine to ten days after the damning findings dies Dylan suddenly of a heart attack. For Laura, a world has collapsed. Her grief is crippling literally. You can’t eat. Do not drink. Her Partner Richard Remde Worries. He, too, had closed Dylan in his heart. “When I met with Laura, I already had two children from my first marriage. Dylan was like a third child for me. He has always been on Laura’s side, and he loved you very much.”

Proceeds call from Korea

does It hurt Richard in the soul, to see how Laura from her grief really is eaten. “The two have been through a lot together. The dog was her world, he means everything,” says the contractor. “When he died, we have not lived in this house, but it was in the planning stage. So we have frozen Dylan, so we were able to move into our garden and bury it. We were also to have him stuffed. Then an article about the Sooam Biotech Foundation in South Korea occurred to me, where dogs will be cloned.”

The Korean research establishment, clones successfully for years beloved Pets. The DNA from one animal is injected into a previously emptied egg. The puppy, it is one hundred percent genetic copy of his donor. Today in the Institute 1316 dogs have been cloned. Up to € 100,000 it can cost to create his favorite new. For Sooam Biotech promises to be not only state of the art cloning technology, but also to heal “broken hearts”.

Richard and Laura are determined. But there are two problems: in Order to clone a dog successfully, you should not be in the donor animal for longer than five days dead. The second hurdle: The Institute expressly warns against the deceased dog prior to the removal of the tissue to freeze. “I rummaged the article again and called in Korea. But the people told me, it may not be possible to clone Dylan, because he was already nine days dead and frozen,” recalls Richard. “I wanted to let me not shake off, had to persuade them to try it, but please, at least, and it was for research purposes, to see if it is at all possible. Finally, they said Yes.” The project is also financially a challenge for the Couple: It costs almost 78,000 euros, to create a genetic Doppelgänger of Dylan. Alone the Storage of klonbarem genetic material should cost more than 3000 euros. A proud price from your income, the Institute is financed-consuming stem cell research.

time is short. When Richard and Laura want to still have a Chance that the project succeeds, you have to hurry. However, to remove the cells, has to Dylan first be thawed evenly. And there is still one obstacle: the Fast, no veterinarian who is willing to remove the tissue samples can be found. Driven by the hope to have a dog with Dylan’s genes, takes Laura and finally the samples themselves. “That was weird. I could Richard not,” she confesses. “But once we had the samples, I jumped in the next plane, and have brought them to Korea.” Still at the airport in Seoul, where he passes the cells to a laboratory employee, then he flies back to England. Barely arrived home in Yorkshire, there is bad news from Korea: The genetic Material is unusable. Now Dylan is twelve days dead. The Chance to bring viable cells in time in the laboratory, are minimal. Nevertheless, try it again and Richard is flying with a further tissue sample to Seoul. The use pays off. The Material could be sufficient to create a new dog. Now it’s time to wait. “If one removes cells from a living dog, it will take approximately thirty days until you can use it a bitch. With us it took four months, because the cells just grew.” The Couple has already given up hope, as yet, the proceeds will be used to call from Korea: The cells have developed, and can be used a surrogate mother.

Scientific Sensation

The researchers recommend, however, that cells permanently freeze and sometime to use them, like Laura and Richard originally planned. If you want to clone your Boxer actually, now is the time. The dog parents give the green light. It is a heart decision. “Then I only was really aware of what the cost is now on us,” recalls Richard. “When I thought of the money, I got a bit of a panic. I didn’t start thinking seriously about it. I just wanted to make my girlfriend happy. But when it finally worked, I just thought: Oh, dear …”

Equal to two females can be successfully fertilized. Christmas, not even six months after Dylan’s death, be born in his clones Shadow and Chance. The desire to dream, to see Dylan’s face again, is suddenly very real. “We thought that we would get identical copies of Dylan. For us, it was more as if we were his puppies welcome. Laura handed the idea that they would be a part of it. But then, Chance and Shadow were born and looked just like him.”

As Chance, the first clone, one of the Doctors brought in, are Laura and Richard. The birth is a scientific Sensation: no one had succeeded previously, to clone the frozen cells of an animal, it was almost two weeks dead. Laura is beside herself with joy. The images of boxer puppies to go around the world. However, not everyone is thrilled. The Couple must take a lot of criticism. Many find it morally wrong to artificially Liveto create en. Why a dog cloning, when so many doggies in shelters waiting for a new home? Which is why the money can not donate for a good cause? “We know that the topic is very controversial,” says Richard. Because even in the closest circle of friends, not everyone is thrilled by the idea of puppies in the lab breed. “To me, the criticism doesn’t matter. Laura already. They even had a fight with one of your friends because of it. Also my mother didn’t like the clone, you will find it properly. I respect that of course. But ultimately it is our decision. It is our life. Our Money. We don’t care what Strangers think. I just think that many are simply jealous,” says Richard.

Laura and Richard decide to bring only a Shadow and a Chance to England, but to adopt their surrogate mothers, Sassy and Hope – even though you already have five dogs. But before that, all four dogs in South Korea for six months in quarantine. Only in August 2016, the Pair of Dylan’s talent can get home. Richard is proud of his companions, and not just because they were conceived in such an unusual way. In the meantime, the cuddly puppies, two handsome males. “Even if they are clones, they are normal, healthy dogs. Of course, you can be sick like other dogs also. But they are not more susceptible to diseases, because they are clones. And up to now, you are safe and sound.”

wolf hybrid

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Chance and Shadow are inseparable. The two eat, drink and sleep together. They do everything together. “When you sleep, they lie to each other. If one of them is not any reason because of, the other is sad. You are very close,” says Laura. Despite the money, despite the hardships and criticism, the Couple is now, more than ever, the project is convinced. “Shadow and Chance have helped Laura to deal with the death of Dylan. The two are in so many ways as he can. For example, has set Dylan’s always on the lap. The clones are exactly the same.” It was the Englishman surprised again and again how much the two Dylan resemble, both visually and in character. “We did not expect at all. Of course there are differences, they are individuals. If I had to Express it in Figures, I would say that you are to eighty-five percent, just like Dylan. They are a bit wild and naughty. But Dylan was already eight years old, and Chance and Shadow are young dogs,” said Laura. When Richard sees how well the two boxer dogs fit into their family and how happy Laura is, then he knows that you have made the right decision.

New life

what is More, the story is not for you. Laura, Jacques, and Richard Remde are so convinced of the clone project that you want to do it again. Richards Cocker Spaniel, Max, is already nineteen years old. After his death, his genes to awaken in the lab a new lease of life.

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